Whole grains


Eat Resistant Starches If You Must Have Your Carbs

Resistant starch is exactly what it sounds like—it resists being digested right away. I will explain to you how you can eat these starches while still losing weight!


10 Delicious Ways to Use Wheat Germ

Wheat has received a bad rap over the last decade, but let’s consider how wheat germ can be a nutritious part of your healthy diet.

5 Great Low Carb Pasta Swaps

Some of these pastas are not even true pasta. But, these alternatives can satisfy those trying to eat fewer carbohydrates and less calories.


What the Heck is Freekeh Grain?

Freekeh sure sounds a bit strange, but you might want to get to know this grain and start including it in your diet. This Middle Eastern whole grain originated over 2000 years ago, but why now are we just learning about it?

Healthy Microwavable Brown Rice?

Microwavable food gets a bad rap, but in the case of brown rice, it can be just as healthy as the slow cooked variety. Just follow a few guidelines.

Muffin with oats

Don’t Be Tricked by Whole and Multigrain Foods

Whole and multigrain has become a huge marketing catch phrase. However, those terms can be deceiving in regards to the true health of the product.

Barley: The Superfood Grain

I often forget about barley as a whole grain choice.

8 Ways to Eat More Fiber – and 4 Reasons Why You Should

Fiber is a crucial part of any diet especially if your goal is weight loss. The benefits are many and here are some foods to choose.

5 Great Reasons to Try Quinoa

Quinoa can be a great high protein, low glycemic alternative to wheat products or white rice. We look at quinoa’s health benefits and suggest some uses.

How To Find Healthier Pasta

WebMD have compared various brands of pasta – in particular those that use whole wheat and have a higher fiber content.