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Tips to Avoid Huge Weight Gain While on a Cruise

If you are about to cruise remember these tips in order to still fit into your clothes after the whole thing is over. Photo’s make great memories, but 10 pounds of fat doesn’t.

7 Practices to Gain Weight Healthily

Who would want to gain weight? Roughly, 2% of the American population, and 15% of the worldwide population is underweight. Here’s how to add pounds in a healthy way.

How to Stop Smoking Without Gaining Weight

Strategic tips to prevent weight gain after a person has quit smoking. Cigarettes have such negative health impact, so don’t let possible fear of weight gain keep you from kicking the habit.

Is Eating Fruit Making You Fat?

If you’ve read the most popular diet books for the past decade, then the answer is a resounding YES!

Is It Okay to Eat Late at Night?

With the holiday season in full swing, a reference to the classic ’80s film “Gremlins” seems most apropos.

Underweight or Slightly Overweight: Which is Worse?

Studies show that being underweight can actually be more unhealthy than being overweight. What are the health concerns with being too slim?