Could You Follow a Mostly Raw Vegan Diet?

Could you follow a mostly raw vegan diet? Here is what a typical daily meal plan looks like for this mostly raw vegan.


My Beef With Meat: 10 Reasons to Never Eat Meat Again

My Beef With Meat is a new book by firefighter, Rip Esselstyn. He’s on a personal quest to convince people that eating only plants is the best choice for their health as well as for the planet.


Vegan Gummy Candy: Goody Good Stuff

Goody Good Stuff review. A line of vegan or vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free, and all natural gummy type candy.


Vegan Before 6 But Then Kill All The Animals You Want?

Vegan Before 6 or VB6 is an all plant based diet before six, but after six the dieter can eat all the animals he/she wants.

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Don’t Expect to Lose Weight on a Vegetarian Diet

Research has shown us repeatedly that eating vegetarian will result in more health benefits over the course of time. Unfortunately, Weight loss is not necessarily on the list of benefits.

Eat Starch to Lose Fat

Dieters are often afraid of starch, but the new book, The Starch Solution, says that they can be eaten and still allow for weight loss.

Vegan is Love: Veganism Children’s Book

Vegan is Love is a new children’s book that promotes veganism to kids. While eating more plants is healthy, the book uses some tactics that are somewhat questionable.

Are You Missing Nutritional Yeast In Your Diet?

Nutritional yeast may be made from a tiny fungus, but it’s packed with nutrition. Should you be making it a part of your healthy diet?

Hemp: Power Food or Just for Smoking?

Hemp food products seem to be flooding the marketplace. Are these products healthy and should we be eating more hemp as a way to help the planet and our bodies?

Nutritional Fanaticism II: The Vegan Extreme

If extreme low carbers rank #1 in dietary fervency, then call extreme Vegans a “1(a)”.

The Thrive Diet: Vegan Athlete Formulated

The Thrive Diet was created by professional ironman, Brendan Brazier, and is based on following a vegan diet to achieve optimal performance and health.

Poll: Did a Vegan Diet Kill The Baby?

An interesting court case in France is underway where parents, Sergine and Joel Le Moaligou, are being charged with the death of their 11 month old baby due to neglect and food deprivation.