The 100 Diet

The 100: Do Only Sugar Calories Matter?

The 100 Diet says that by only counting sugar calories dieters can expect to lose up to 18 pounds in just two weeks.


3 Popular Drinks with Shocking Sugar Amounts to be Avoided at All Costs

Drinking calories is the quickest way to rack up the calories while adding very little nutrition and sense of satiety. Avoid these 3 sugar filled drinks at all costs.


What Kills 180,000 People Each Year Worldwide?

Researchers studying world disease data from 2010 formulated that 180,000 people died from diseases that can directly be related to this common food.


Sugar Addiction Starts Way Too Early!

Humans are definitely genetically programed to love the taste of sweet. Those with kids know that candy/sweets are like gold to kids, especially this guy!

fructose Fat

Fructose Is Making You Fat

The more we eat fructose based foods, the more likely we are to consume more calories. They say the fructose foods are not giving us the feeling of fullness.


12 Last Minute Healthy Halloween Choices

Every time Halloween season comes around many of us worry about our sugar intake. I have compiled a list and pics of some healthy choices for the season.

Monk Fruit: Do We Need Another New Sweetener?

Monk fruit, also known as lo han guo or Buddha fruit, is the new natural sweetener to hit the market. There has to be some catch to this no calorie sweetener, right?


Is Candida Really Caused by Sugary Diets?

Are yeast infections just a normal part of life or is there perhaps a dietary cause for Candida thriving in the human body?

Easter Peep Anatomy

Easter Marshmallow Peeps are a cute littel treat, but what’s really under their bright sugary skin?

The Blood Sugar Solution Diet

Dr. Mark Hyman recently released his book titled, The Blood Sugar Solution. His book details how you can achieve optimal blood sugar levels for better health by reversing disease like diabetes.

Forte: Gelato with a Pinch of Healthy?

A close look at Forte which is low fat, protein fortified, and all natural gelato. Can healthy taste as good as traditional Italian gelato?

Smart Halloween Candy Removal Tips

Growing up, I always had a massive bag of Halloween candy that lasted me a whole year.