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Ultra-Processed Foods are the True Killers

Processed foods with 1 to 3 ingredients aren’t likely to cause harm, it’s the products with 10 to 20+ that should cause alarm.

Salt Sugar Fat: Are You a Slave to Food Giants?

Salt Sugar Fat is a provocative new book by pulitzer prize winner Michael Moss. Multinational food giants keep the western world fat by filling their food products with salt, sugar, and fat.


Amy’s Frozen Light and Lean Meals Dissected

Amy’s Kitchen has a good reputation for producing healthy processed foods. But, how does her Light and Lean Meals stack up?

Sausage: More than Just a Fatty Meat?

Savory sausage adds a lot of flavor to meals, but it often can be high in fat and full of preservatives. What are the best lower calorie, healthier sausage choices?

BPA Contamination: Which Foods Should You Avoid?

BPA may be out of most water bottles, but many food items still are contaminated with the chemical. Which foods contain BPA and how can you avoid them?

Are Spray Butters a Healthy Choice?

Spray butters have always been a mystery to me.

Shoud We Limit Salt in Processed Foods?

The Food and Drug Administration recently announced it will hold a hearing to consider changing the way it currently regulates salt.

Breakfast Cereal: Which One Do You Choose?

When it comes time for me to peruse the cereal isle, I often begin to tremble from so much sugar stimulus.

7 Ways The Food Companies Fool You

Most consumers take just 4 seconds to browse over food packaging before making a choice.

The Foods That Made America Fat

In 1961 Americans consumed 2883 calories per person.


Cooking Without Processed Food

Dee’s Mighty Cookbook promotes an approach to eating that is free of processed foods. But do foods free of oils and flour taste good. We put the recipes to the test.

Fiber One Oats and Chocolate Bar Review

Fiber One Oat Bars are marketed as healthy fiber rich snack bars. How do they taste and are they really healthy?