Now You Can Eat Fat and Still Lose Fat

Eat Fats and NOT get Fat? Yes, you can still eat plenty of fats and lose weight. However, the trick to this is the sticking to the right types of fat

Melt: A Healthier Butter Spread?

Melt buttery spread is marketed as a healthy alternative to butter but does it really lack the inflammatory oils found in most spreads?


Hummus: Not Always a Healthy Choice

Hummus is promoted as a health food, but attention to ingredient labels is vital. Find out what could be lurking in your favorite brand.

Lose 7 Pounds by Ditching Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise is delicious, but it’s also loaded with calories. Using these tips to cut back could help you lose up to 7 pounds a year.

Hemp: Power Food or Just for Smoking?

Hemp food products seem to be flooding the marketplace. Are these products healthy and should we be eating more hemp as a way to help the planet and our bodies?

Omega-6 Fat: Is It Really That Deadly?

Even non-hydrogenated vegetable oils, high in omega-6 fatty acids can have devastating health effects if consumed in large quantities.

Grape Seed Oil: Healthy or Just Hype?

Over the last few years, grape seed oil has become popular as a dietary supplement and for its use in cooking.

Everyday Foods with Extraordinary Benefits

It’s important to make each calorie count, especially when you are trying to get back into your skinny clothes.

Which is Healthier: Avocado Oil or Olive Oil?

Cold pressed virgin oils are hailed for their excellent health promoting qualities.

Flaxseed: Food for Weight Loss

Flaxseed is one of the most ancient useful seeds in the history of Earth and was originally used to make fibers for linens.

7 Simple Ways to Eat More Omega 3

Omega 3 is essential for good health, but many do not consume enough. Here’s how you can get more of this healthy fat in your diet.

Is Saturated Fat Really That Bad?

Sally Fallon, author of Nourishing Traditions has been in Australia promoting her book.