Top 5 Healthiest Nut Butters in the Universe

Nut (and seed) butters are a popular “health” food right now for their healthy fats. In my opinion, here are the 5 that rank the healthiest among the nut butters.

Walnuts: The Healing Nut

Some people continue to avoid nuts, including walnuts, due to the higher calorie and fat content. But, here I will tell you why you should never avoid the walnut.


Are You Missing Out on Raw Almonds in Your Diet?

I’ve bought raw almonds before, but I never enjoyed them as much as roasted almonds. That is until I tried these soaked and sprouted ones.

Almond Butter: The New Peanut Butter?

Almond butter can be a healthier alternative to peanut butter. Find out why it’s healthier and suggestions on how to start eating it.

Cow’s Milk Alternatives Nutrition Guide

This guide compares the nutrition of the many cow’s milk alternatives available, including rice milk, hemp milk, almond milk, soy milk, and coconut milk. Which is the healthiest?

Why Eating Nuts Helps With Weight Loss

Many people leave nuts out of their eating plan when trying to lose weight, because they think they are too high in calories.

Health of Nuts

Why You Should Be Eating Nuts

Nuts, despite their high calories, should be a part of a healthy diet. This article outlines the reasons why you should be eating some everyday.

High Calorie And Healthy? Six Foods to Try

When you’re watching what you eat, don’t fall into the trap of cutting out every food which has a high calorie density.

Pine Nuts: Appetite Suppressant?

New research shows that oil from Korean pine nuts may suppress appetite.