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What Really Makes You Fat: Bacon or a Bagel?

What really makes a person fat? fat or carbs -or- is it a bit more complicated?


Top 10 Habits That Keep Women Fat-The Real Skinny

The Real Skinny was recently published by the bloggers at Appetite For Heath. In this book they compiled The Top 101 Fat Excuses that they have received from their readers over the years.

Now You Can Eat Fat and Still Lose Fat

Eat Fats and NOT get Fat? Yes, you can still eat plenty of fats and lose weight. However, the trick to this is the sticking to the right types of fat

3 Stubborn Types of Abdominal Fat and How to Burn Them

A flat stomach involves burning 3 layers of abdominal fat. What are the three types and what is they best way to get rid of them?

The 5 Top Fruits for Fat Loss

Now that we have discussed how fruits help to maintain a healthy weight, we can focus on which fruits are the best for fat loss.

Simple Home Full Body Fat Burning Workout

Peter Carvell shares a simple yet effective full body fat burning workout you can do at home with pictures and a video.

Lean Belly Prescription

In The Lean Belly Prescription by Dr Travis Stork, the urgent-care physician focuses on methods of losing visceral fat – adipose tissue that surrounds internal organs.

How to Exercise For Fat Loss

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Truth be told, if you are currently active, exercise is ALREADY WORKING FOR YOU.

Debunking Time Magazine’s “Why Exercise Won’t Make You Thin”

TIME Magazine dropped a bomb shell article last week called, “Why Exercise Won’t Make You Thin”.

Does High Protein Help With Fat Loss?

Recently I commented on a study that suggested calories matter most when it comes to weight loss.

The Fastest Way to Burn Fat?

Researchers have discovered a 20 minute exercise technique that results in three times as much weight loss as a moderate 40 minute session on a stationary bike.