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The Subway Diet… Does It Work?

The Subway diet has helped several publicized people lose weight, but was it really the subs that were the reason for weight loss?


The 9044 Calorie Fast Food Burger

Beau Chevassus decided to create the most calorific and the most expensive burger


Deadliest Burger in All the Land- Like Eating a Whole Stick of Butter!

Chili’s, we gotta hand it to you. Only you can create a single patty burger that is a whole day’s worth of calories and 2 days worth of saturated fat!

10,000 Calories In 1 Cheeseburger?!?!

These burger and fast food calorie amounts are absolutely shocking and disgusting. No wonder people are so overweight.


Starbucks Diet: Where the Trendy Get Thin

The Starbucks Diet is based on the story of a librarian, Christina Hall, from Virginia who lost roughly 80 pounds by eating Starbuck’s food. Here is a meal plan that you can use to lose weight at Starbucks too.

Do Restaurant Calorie Displays Help You Make a Healthy Choice?

Research has said that restaurant calorie displays do not impact our choices substantially. Is this true for everyone and if not, how does it help?

How Many Calories In Your Burger and Fries?

With mandatory calorie information in restaurants in New York, and Congress calling for calories to be displayed on fast food menus throughout America, we might hope that fast food consumers are starting to pay attention and reconsider eating that giant burger.

Eat This Not That: Choosing the Right Foods

Eat This Not That is one of the most useful diet-related books to appear in recent years.

Quiznos Calories: No Wonder They Concealed Them

Fast food outlet Quiznos has finally listed their nutrition information.

Is Subway Better Than McDonald’s?

McDonald’s is the number one fast food restaurant and Subway is number two. Which one is the healthiest fast food choice?

Triple Whopper: Portion Fit for a King Kong

One Triple Whopper from BK can almost contain a days worth of calories. Throw in some fries and a shake and you reached the realm of gluttony.