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Are Girly Thoughts Sabotaging Your Success?

Dr. Patricia O’Gorman seeks to help women overcome their “girly thoughts” by giving women 7 steps to personal power.


What Real Barbie Would Look Like

Here’s what a normal 19 year old American woman would really look like as a Barbie Doll.

Stop Dieting: Be Fat and Happy, Everyone Else Is?

As obesity rates continue to stay high, it seems to become more acceptable to be at a higher weight. Where’s the line between being healthy physically and accepting your body emotionally?

How to Change Fat Bias

Fat bias and prejudice are alive and well despite the majority of Americans being overweight. What can be done to ensure that people of all sizes are being treated fairly?

5 Quick Swimsuit Slim Downs

With summer approaching, swimsuits are coming out. Here are some slim down tips to help you be ready for the beach or poolside.

Obese People Don’t See Themselves as Fat

Many obese people don’t see themselves as fat and in fact, they think they’re healthy – or so says a new study.

Are You ‘Skinny Fat’?

Not only do people have to deal with the issue of being labeled as ‘fat’ or as ‘skinny’, but now it seems there is a new label becoming popular in the world of diet & fitness.

Women Distort Their Own Body Image

I have no full-length mirrors in my house, except for one which I have to open a closet to get to.


Fatorexia: Overweight People Who Deny They Are Fat

Sara Bird was suffering with fatorexia. She was overweight, but saw herself as thin. How common is the condition and how does it develop?

Jillian Michaels: Won’t Ruin Her Body With Pregnancy

Jillian Michaels (and celebrity trainers in general) are a double-edged sword.

“Phantom Fat” May Linger After Weight Loss

Naturally, we focus on the wonderful benefits of losing weight (fat) – the health boost, the self-confidence, the ability to move around with more ease and less discomfort.

Men: Do You Really Want Big Muscles?

There is a common thread in many male transformation stories.