What Really Makes You Fat: Bacon or a Bagel?

What really makes a person fat? fat or carbs -or- is it a bit more complicated?

The Most Disgusting Slushie Flavors Ever!

I really can't believe anyone would find pizza or spaghetti slushies appealing. Who would want to eat ice cold, liquid spaghetti?

Glazed Donut Breakfast Sandwich: Will You Try it?

Dunkin Donuts is rolling out it's Glazed Donut Breakfast Sandwich. How many calories are in it?

Prancercise Your Way to a Great Body!

Will you be joining the Prancercise fitness revolution?

The Photoshop Diet: Are Diet Marketers Deceiving Us?

The Photoshop diet. How diet marketers can easily use Photoshop to deceive the masses with before and after pics.

Soylent, The Food of Your Future?

Soylent is becoming a reality, minus the whole ground up dead people ingredient I hope. 24-year-old Rob Rhinehart, recently lived for 30 days on nothing but Soylent

My Beef With Meat: 10 Reasons to Never Eat Meat Again

My Beef With Meat is a new book by firefighter, Rip Esselstyn. He's on a personal quest to convince people that eating only plants is the best choice for their health as well as for the planet.
The 100 Diet

The 100: Do Only Sugar Calories Matter?

The 100 Diet says that by only counting sugar calories dieters can expect to lose up to 18 pounds in just two weeks.