Which of These 4 Shouldn’t Be Eating at Burger King the Most?

I wouldn't recommend anyone eating at Burger King. But, one of these 4 people REALLY shouldn't be eating there.
vegetarian diets

Don’t Expect to Lose Weight on a Vegetarian Diet

Research has shown us repeatedly that eating vegetarian will result in more health benefits over the course of time. Unfortunately, Weight loss is not necessarily on the list of benefits.
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Can You Guess which Body Part this Candy is Supposed to be?

I have seen some strange candy in my day, but Gummy Body Part Candy? Can you guess which body part this variety is trying to represent?

Eat More Squash! Nutritious, Low Calorie, and Delicious

Squash can be a nutritious part of your healthy weight loss diet! There are multiple kinds of squash with a variety of flavors and textures to choose from.

A Carb-Lover is Still Going Primal: The Grumpy Adjustment Period

I've decided to rename this series to A Carb-Lover's Painful, Kicking and Screaming Transition to the Primal Diet. That first week was hard, everyone!
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As If You Needed 5 More Reasons to Eat More Chocolate

Tis the season of chocolate eating! Here's a great video that discusses 5 healthy facts about the chemicals contained in chocolate.
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Can You Really Eat More to Lose More?

Does eating more help you lose more? Will eating more times a day be the key to weight loss? Here are the answers to those dieting myths.

Can Man Live by a Fruit Diet Alone?

Many will follow an all-fruit diet as part of a fast or detox, but some try to eat this way 24/7. But, can you survive by only eating fruit?