Exercise Ideas

Wii Sports vs. Real Sports: Which Burns More Calories?

There continues to be a trend towards the convergence of 2 activities once considered diametrically opposed to one another: Playing video games and playing sports.

Is Body Electric: Workouts for Women Effective?

The cover of this book features a fit-looking, 40-something lady who looks like she takes fitness seriously and wants you to do the same.

Maintaining Weight Loss: How Much Exercise is Required?

So you’ve lost some of those extra pounds you’ve been carrying around since you started college/your career/a family/addiction to reality TV…

The Trek Desk

Treadmill Desks appear to be growing popularity.

What’s the Latest in Fitness Equipment?

The International Health Racquet and Sportsclub Association (IHRSA) held their annual convention and tradeshow earlier this month in San Diego.

10 Ways to Burn Calories Without Noticing

If you can burn an extra three hundred calories, six days a week, that’s enough to lose an extra twenty five pounds in a year.

The Mighty Foam Roller

Foam rollers can be an effective addition to your home workout to improve mobility, relieve muscle stiffness, improve brain-muscle efficiency and improve performance.

The Underwater Treadmill

Do you like being in water, and being on a treadmill?

Why Don’t You Exercise?

Does the headline of this post make you feel guilty?

What is Zumba?

Zumba is a Latin inspired type of dance aerobics, but it’s not just for people with rhythm. Seems like all shapes and sizes are becoming addicted to this exercise.

The Fastest Way to Burn Fat?

Researchers have discovered a 20 minute exercise technique that results in three times as much weight loss as a moderate 40 minute session on a stationary bike.