Fads and Techniques

Quick weight loss diets promise rapid results by using strange methods which can often be risky. Here’s how to choose wisely for lasting results.


A Carb-Lover is Still Going Primal: The Grumpy Adjustment Period

I’ve decided to rename this series to A Carb-Lover’s Painful, Kicking and Screaming Transition to the Primal Diet. That first week was hard, everyone!


A Carb-Lover Goes Primal: The Beginning of My Journey

My personal attempt at a primal diet. Can this carb lover finally break the addiction and lose weight?

worst diets

The Worst Diet of the Year Goes to…

Which diet do you think is the worst diet of the year? Here’s a hint, it’s classified as a fad dieta and doesn’t adhere to what is considered healthy and effective for lasting weight loss.


Finally A Fork That Punishes You When You Eat Too Fast

Does food fly off your plate faster than Taylor Swift changes boyfriends? HAPIfork seeks to solve this problem by teaching dieters to eat slower.


The Sensible Detox Diet

Patients repeatedly ask me for advice on how to follow a detox diet. I have created a guide on how to follow a more reasonable detox diet without all the fads and gimmicks.

vinegar diet

The Apple Cider Vinegar Diet

The apple cider vinegar diet is an ancient weight loss remedy and also used to treat other ailments. The evidence that it works and precautions to take.


BreathSlim: Burn Fat by Breathing?

BreathSlim is a new device that claims to allow people to lose weight by learning to breath correctly. How does it work and are their claims backed by research?

The No-Bread Diet: Common Sense or Fad?

Some swear that cutting out breads was the key to their weight loss. However, it may not be that simple. A no bread diet may work if these things are considered.

Sprinkle Crystals on Your Food and Lose Weight

Is it just me, or are diet aids getting more and more weird?

Using Cold Water to Lose Weight

Take a curious ex-NASA scientist and a forward-thinking pop culture author, and the result may be a revolutionary (and perhaps a bit uncomfortable) weight loss method.