Diet Myths and Facts


Do You Have the Obesity Gene?

British researchers discovered that people with an FTO gene variation are 70% more likely to become obese.


What Really Makes You Fat: Bacon or a Bagel?

What really makes a person fat? fat or carbs -or- is it a bit more complicated?


Sweatz Fat Burning Vests: Burn Fat Twice as Fast?

Wrapping yourself up in a plastic bag while you workout definitely will make you sweat, but will that sweating result in getting rid of bums, thighs, upper arms, and tums?

eat more lose more

Can You Really Eat More to Lose More?

Does eating more help you lose more? Will eating more times a day be the key to weight loss? Here are the answers to those dieting myths.

1925 Diet Advice

Absurd Diet Advice From the Year 1925 and 2013

Two shocking diet tips, one from 1925 and the other from 2013. Have we learned nothing?

fructose Fat

Fructose Is Making You Fat

The more we eat fructose based foods, the more likely we are to consume more calories. They say the fructose foods are not giving us the feeling of fullness.

shorten life

Erase Years Off Your Life With 5 Easy Steps!

If you are guilty of any of these 5 habits then you are subtracting years off of your already short life.

The Most Extraordinary Diet and Health Lessons of 2012

I figured it would be fun to have a recap of all the diet myths we have uncovered, best food ideas, and other helpful tips shared this year on Diet Blog.

Beware of Organic Junk Food!

Organic does not always mean healthy. Here I will give you the top 10 examples of organic packaged foods that are still junk food.

Avoid Carbohydrates in the Morning to Lose Weight?

Avoiding Carbs in the morning for weight loss is a popular theory but is it backed by research and are there better times to restrict carbohydrates?

Feeling Hungrier? Poor Sleep May be to Blame

Lack of sleep can cause your hormones to be out of balanced leading to false hunger. Here’s some ways you can ensure you’re getting enough sleep.