Pole Dancing Fitness on Steroids!

By Ted

This isn’t your mother’s pole dancing class!

The new MALLA Hollywood Workout HIIT Program burns 490 calories in just 30 minutes! All by using a specially designed pole.

MALLA breaks the gender barrier by also promoting this pole fitness program to men, who have been excluded from many pole dancing fitness type studios.


Here’s MALLA in Action

Would you try pole fitness if it was like this?

Learn more about MALLA by visiting their website here.


  1. Linda K.

    Um… That… Uh… was a little wacky.

    ditto to what Michelle said.

  2. Mehitabel


  3. Michelle

    I really could not stop laughing while watching this video! They seemed to spend more time standing by the pole looking hot than actually exercising on the poles! Why were they just standing there breathing hard? And the warrior makeup!

    That being said it does seem like a good workout. I can tell you I would look foolish trying the moves they do!

  4. Spectra

    Oh heck yeah!! That looks awesome. I would also like to add that I’d pay a lot of money to see my husband dancing on a pole like that. Crazy!