Glazed Donut Breakfast Sandwich: Will You Try it?

By Ted

Dunkin Donuts is rolling out its Glazed Donut Breakfast Sandwich on June 7th in celebration of National Donut Day.

Here’s what this amazing creation looks like.


Here’s how many calories are in it: 410

But, would you believe that this creation actually has less calories than their bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit? It clocks in at 430 calories!

Will you be standing in line for this on National Donut Day?

Oh yeah, Dunkin will also give you a free donut that day if you totally want to blow your diet…..


  1. Maureen

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  2. KS

    I work at a Dunkin, it’s actually not bad. I wouldn’t say it’s something u would eat on a normal basis but is something to experience. The picture above is incorrect though, it not comes on a peppered fried egg and the sandwich doesn’t include cheese. I’m not an egg person either but was surprised with the taste. Guess ill see how many I sell tomorrow.. Happy national donut day!

  3. Ted

    I’ve been known to eat donuts from time to time, but I like my sweet and my savory separate for the most part, so I’ll pass on this abomination.

  4. O.

    I don’t like eggs. When I was a kid I had a hard time going to a restaurant for breakfast because the smell of eggs cooking was so overwhelming I wanted to throw up….

    That being said, the average original glazed donut has about the same calories as a Lean Cuisine.

  5. Spectra

    Nope–it looks disgusting. I’m not a huge donut fan as it is–I wouldn’t like it with eggs and stuff on it. Ew.

  6. Sue K.

    Nope, wouldn’t touch it! Zone for me, all the way. It’s worked great for me for years. I done mess with success just for a donut sandwich! (donut sandwich… just typing that phrase sounds ridiculous, lol)

  7. Kristen

    It is amazing that it’s only 410 calories, but it still does not look appealing to me. I’m sure it would probably taste good in the moment, but I feel like it would leave my stomach rolling and my energy tanking…this is coming from someone who doesn’t really do donuts though, so maybe I’m crazy 🙂

    • Ted

      Yeah, when researching the calories for this post I expected it to be a lot more and was really surprised that it was less than their biscuit sandwich.

  8. Diet Elixirs

    That looks amazing 🙂

    I wish I didn’t see it because I’m about to go do 1h 45min workout 🙂