Does Coffee Curb Your Appetite?

By Ted


For just about as long as I can remember; I get up, brew my coffee, and sip my first cup during my first hour of work.

I usually start to get hungry about an hour later. I guess it never occurred to me that the coffee was actually curbing my appetite. I always thought that I just didn’t like to eat as soon as I woke up.

In light of some new research out of Griffith University in Australia, I’m beginning to think differently. They are finding that coffee is an effective appetite suppressant among their study participants.

What The Study Says So Far

Their study is ongoing, but they have participants divided into three groups:

  • One group is given caffeinated coffee.
  • One group is given decaffeinated coffee.
  • The third group is given caffeine alone.

So far, the group that is consuming the caffeinated coffee has reported decreased appetite and increased feelings of fullness.

Is It The Caffeine?

Caffeine has often been included in weight loss pills and appetite suppressants. (I remember my mother using Dexitrim back in the 80’s, which is 200mg of caffeine per pill! src.)

It appears, however, that caffeine alone isn’t the culprit here, because only the caffeinated coffee group is reporting the appetite suppressing benefits.

Furthermore, there must be something in the regular coffee that is removed during the decaffeination process since decaf doesn’t have the same effect either.

What This Research Means

Coffee could help people consume less calories as long as the coffee isn’t some 400 calorie, Starbuck’s abomination.

However, making up those calories by overeating after the effect wears off would definitely counteract and benefit from the coffee. (Expect to see coffee supplements on the Dr. Oz show soon… Oh wait… He already has pushed green coffee, hasn’t he.)

Anyway, I can definitely attest to coffee’s appetite suppressing qualities, but what about you?

Have you found that coffee suppresses your appetite?


  1. William

    Yes yes yes!!

  2. Kristen

    I have definitely noticed that coffee can have an appetite-suppressing effect. I’ve also heard of many people with Eating Disorders, particularly Anorexia, using it as a way to decrease food intake. I guess this just shows us how it can be good or bad to have an appetite suppressant. I know we all want easy ways to lose weight, but it’s important our bodies are truly getting the nutrients they need too!

  3. O.

    I have several views about this….

    1. I think liquids make me feel fuller than solid food, I like to compare putting solid food vs liquids into your stomach to putting solid objects vs liquid into a jar.

    If you put marbles or cotton balls or any solid object into a jar, unless it is something like sand, it will leave little gaps and spaces within the jar. But poor water in the jar all the way to the top and no gap is left. Same for filling the stomach with liquid.

    2. Liquids start digesting faster than solids. If I am getting overly hungry because I missed a meal and I have a nutrition drink like “Ensure” I stop feeling hungry in 5-10 minutes. It could be up to 30 minutes if I had something solid and I will feel the urge to overeat.

    3. Tasty beverages, as long as they aren’t the 400 calorie a cup kind, can keep your mouth happy and busy and less tempted toward over eating. Personally I prefer diet soda, but to each his own.

  4. Jim

    Can’t say I ever noticed such a thing. Interesting to note that caffeine and coffee are not necessarily interchangeable in terms of their health effects.

    • Ted

      You usually eat before your coffee though, right?

  5. Spectra

    I never really noticed it before, but I do notice that after I drink some coffee, I usually feel a little jittery/queasy for a bit. I suppose that means it’s suppressing my appetite. Good to know.

  6. TonyK

    Yes, it definitely suppresses my appetite. I drink anywhere from 3-6 cups per day, black.