OMG Diet: The Trendy 6 Week Diet Plan

By Nicole German (RD, LD)

six-week-to-omg-dietThe first thing I thought of when I heard about the OMG Diet was Gossip Girl, the words “like”, and “totally”.

The diet has been popular among teen girls and actors, but in recent weeks has been gaining popularity worldwide.

The Six Weeks to OMG Diet creator, Venice Fulton (real name, Paul Khanna), is an actor that has expertise in fitness.

Fulton says his diet plan is not a temporary diet; it is a way of life.

Does he really have anything new to offer that will make all of your friends exclaim, “Oh My God!”?

5 Rules (Truths?) of the 6 Weeks to OMG Diet

1. Take cold baths and showers

The idea is that the cold temperature will boost the metabolism as the body tries to heat itself up. This is true, but not enough to burn significant calories.

And, it may even make you slightly hungrier after that cold bath! However, many still swear that a cold bath is best for optimal health—not just weight loss.

2. Skip breakfast

This is absurd. There is overwhelming research that describes how much breakfast helps with weight loss and overall health.

Even in my own experience with patients, those that are not eating breakfast struggle to lose weight. Once they eat breakfast everyday, the pounds drop!


Venice A. Fulton

3. It doesn’t matter what type of carbohydrates you eat

Carbs are carbs. This is molecularly true as every carbohydrate is eventually broken down into simple molecules like glucose. However, when it comes to comparing a Coke versus a sweet potato, the produce wins every time.

The fiber found in the fruits and vegetables with slow the sugar absorption leading to better blood glucose management and improved weight management. The fibrous foods help us to feel fuller as well!

5. Eat very little fruit

The argument is that the fructose in fruit alters the appetite hormones. This doesn’t make sense either because what we know is that eating fruit helps us to eat less due to the crunchy texture, high water content, and high fiber content.

An added bonus is that the potassium in fruits can help us retain less water weight.

5. Drink black coffee

Finally, a good tip! Time to get rid of the extra sugar and cream. Black coffee contains potent antioxidants and acts as a mild stimulant to keep the appetite calm and nudge the metabolism.

Venice Fulton on His Plan’s Critics

What I Think?

Overall, this diet screams popularity, trendiness, and fad all-in-one. I could not possibly recommend this as a healthy lifestyle.

It has worked for some, but that is likely due to the increased motivation and accountability.

Would you try the OMG Diet?

You can buy the OMG Diet book here on Amazon.


  1. Yvonne Rosenau

    Stephanie, your comments are right on. Just an additional observation: Venice A Fulton doesn’t teach skipping breakfast so much as postponing breakfast. He advocates three meals a day following his guidelines of spacing them about 4 hours apart with the last meal 2 hours before bedtime. Whether you choose to follow his plan in whole or part there is a lot of useful information coupled with easy, streamlined ways to implement it into one’s life. As for the title – it is intended to grab the attention of anyone struggling with weight challenges. And it does!

  2. Stephanie Johnson

    Iv read the OMG book so I can first hand say that its not a diet, its something else. It talks about how our body process everything that we eat and drink down to the bone. This person couldn’t have read the book. This book is about body awareness. He he didn’t say dont eat fruits he said limit them, and to eat vegetables mostly. He pointed out that fruit drinks and smoothies gives you more than enough calories for the day and with you no fiber. Even dried fruits if not measured properly can wind up being more sugar than the dody needs and when we do such things to our bodies such as over load it with suger he breaks down how your liver ,kidneys ,blood, etc react in an almost emergency kind of way trying to fix whats wrong. And our bodies get tired of living like that day in and day out. Omg says you should eat the fruit and stop altering the natural state of fruits and vegetables it throws off our bodies chemical reaction. we almost always consume to much too quickly, like mashed potatoes, popcorn, juice drinks fruit smoothies etc…… befor our brain gets the signal to stop eating.

  3. Sarah

    Okay for those of you who do not know how to read, the skipping breakfast section does not mean what it is titled, it says in the paragraph the complete opposite of skipping breakfast and that you SHOULD eat breakfast. (:

  4. Laura

    I refuse to pay attention to any diet telling me not to eat fruit. I’ve maintained a 15 lb. weight loss by incorporating more fruit into my diet. I find apples and pears very filling, and also eat a lot of oranges and whatever is in season. It has not only helped with my weight but also keeps my skin clear and just makes me feel better! Comparing fruit to Oreos or soda is just wrong.

  5. staci

    meant to say “eating breakfast” not “skipping breakfast”

  6. staci

    I live this diet but, not by design – and no, i cannot lose weight – i am at a nice weight now, 5′ and 118 lbs but i’m looking for an 8 lb weight loss and skipping breakfast has always been the one thing that revs my metabolism enough to make me feel like exercising… w/ my usual no-breakfast morning, I feel endlessly tired… and for this guy to put a book out that sounds more like an eating disorder and aimed at teenagers – he should be ashamed

  7. Lovely really gives me the best information.

  8. Spectra

    No way. Any diet book that has “Get Skinnier than all your friends!” on the cover is grounds for instant rejection by my standards. What a total crock–no breakfast? Cheetos are the same as sweet potatoes and popcorn? Um, I’ll pass. Besides, not that it matters, but I’m already skinnier than the majority of my friends (what does that have to with losing any weight anyway?? It just seems bitchy to me).

    • Jim

      If you watched enough reality TV you would probably believe being bitchy is something to aspire to?

    • staci

      i’m on your side… sounds like his bfff’s must be desperate, immature people

  9. Ted Kallmyer

    I can’t believe the skip breakfast rule…. skipping dinner would be a better one, but any diet that tells you to skip meals is going to be short lived.

  10. TH

    For breakfast, do you recommend large ones! I eat something like a special K bar or fruit smoothie every day but have trouble keeping lbs off. Should it be more substantial than that? I know the literature says larger breakfasts keep you from eating more throughout the day, but I typically don’t find that in my own personal experience. Some insight would be greatly appreciated!! 🙂

    • Joyce Wallace, Health Coach


      Try eating a high protein breakfast (a few scrambled or hard boiled eggs) and skip the toast. Add a few tomatoe slices or left over veggies in the egg.
      Smoothie is a big category depending on what goes in them. Keep the sugars to a minimum

      • TH

        Thank you! I’m thinking of incorporating whey protein, low fat yogurt and fruit in a smoothie as breakfasts some days and I will definitely be eating eggs more often!

    • Jim

      I agree with what Joyce has said. I’ve found the only breakfasts that keep me from feeling hungry an hour or two later are those with a protein content. Eggs are a real good option.

      It’s not so much about the size of the breakfast but what’s in it.

      • Spectra

        Yeah, my favorite breakfast is “pizza eggs”: I mix one egg, one egg white, hot sauce and a bit of mozzarella cheese and scramble it. It’s so good and it keeps me full for quite a while.

        • TH

          Thanks a bunch! I have been trying to become more dilligent with my protein intake. I am definitely a carb lover so its an adjustment but I’m getting there!

  11. VV

    LOL – I love the balloon idea! My weddings in 4 weeks, my place is gonna look like the house in “Up”!

  12. Jim

    Some people are so good at marketing right where we are most vulnerable. “Get skinnier than all your friends” is not the greatest motivation, but I’m sure hits a nerve with many. I expect it’ll be a bestseller.