Green Coffee: The Truth About Weight Loss Claims

By Nicole German (RD, LD)

green coffeeWhen Dr. Oz or Starbuck’s starts talking about the benefits of green coffee, that’s it—it goes viral for weight loss.

Regular coffee does have mild and temporary appetite suppressant qualities, but what’s different about this green coffee?

Is all the green coffee hype worth spending your hard earned money on green coffee supplements?

What’s a Green Coffee Bean?

The extract of the green coffee bean is simply taken from a typical coffee bean, but in the raw green form before it is roasted.

The raw coffee bean extract is said to have active chlorogenic acid that….

  • May help to decrease glucose absorption in the body.
  • Could help increase the metabolism.
  • Others claim that it will help burn fat in the liver as well.

However, none of these claims can be proven since there hasn’t been enough research yet.

What Dr. Oz Has to Say

Problems with Research

While the research cited on the show may sound amazing, there are a few problems I have with the study.

  1. The main study that was done was funded by Applied Food Sciences Inc. which is a company that makes green coffee extract.
  2. The study was very small—16 participants.
  3. Participants were on a 2400 calorie diet and burned 400 calories during activity. 2000 calories per day would put some participants, especially men, at a calorie deficit each day.
  4. Dr. Oz did his own simple study and said his participants lost a whopping 2 pounds.

Overall, the research is weak. The results are positive, but I can’t promise any amazing results to expect if you were to try the supplement.

What about Regular Brewed Coffee?

black-coffeeThere may not be much research on green coffee beans, but there is plenty of positive research on brewed coffee.

2-4 cups of black coffee per day may reduce depression, reduce Alzheimer’s risk, lower prostate and skin cancer risk, prevent diabetes, and decrease Parkinson’s risk.

Just make sure your making low calorie coffee choices when including it in your diet.

Overpower the Pill

So far there seems to be low risk in taking a green coffee supplement. However, if you have any blood sugar control imbalances, heart disease, or are pregnant or nursing, green coffee extract should be avoided. And of course, check with your doctor first.

Diet and exercise are always the best tried and true method for efficient weight loss. Always remember that one hard workout or one day of clean eating can overpower any effect seen with a diet supplement.

Have you heard of or tried green coffee extract or?


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      How you loss your weight 15 kg in 6 weeks ago??

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    How can i order green coffee? how much?

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      Take some research first before you order..

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    This product is useless. It is waste of money. I m taking it since 1 month but no result i got . I did not loose even a single pound . These people are also fake . They never pick my call whenever i called them. They never reply via mail also . Please do not buy this product . It is total waste of money

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      Yes you are right, I tried this… I didn’t bother to contact them its another waste of my time..Just control your food intake… And have enough sleep.. And be healthy …

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  13. Shalee

    I ordered green coffee from jesabels mercado blog after my order somebody called me named albert for the confirmation of my order, he told me it will shipped for 3-4days and the number she used to call me after our conversation he told me to contact him on the same number if i have any questions, after 4 days i called him several times for the follow up of my order , he dint answered the phone..

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  29. Norman York

    This is just another thing for the mgfs. to spew their hype about, like the Acacia berry was and all the excitment about it when Oprah endorsed it. Same kind of come on from the makers too. Get first one at half price to try and before you know you are receiving one or two automatically every month and being charged to your credit card. Big scam if you ask me and Dr. Oz should be ashamed for being involved with it until some reliable tests were available.

  30. Jim

    Dr Oz is a walking infomercial. How many times do you hear or read of people with amazing transformations that can point to a supplement. Drink coffee because you enjoy coffee.

    • Ted Kallmyer

      Yeah, and he did this big show last week about people using his name and picture to promote the products he mentioned. He has a big campaign to shut all those guys down. BUT, he is doing the exact same thing… It’s all about marketing and he is worse in my opinion because he is a trained professional, yet recommending products that have not been backed by sufficient research.

  31. Spectra

    I’ve heard of it, but I’ve never thought to try it. To me, it seems like another expensive supplement that could possibly help you lose a pound or two. In my opinion, it’s not worth it. Especially since the research on it is very new–there could be side effects that we don’t know about that show up later on. I’ll pass, thank you very much.

  32. David Hart

    Enjoyed this article. I think the most important sentence is “However, none of these claims can be proven since there hasn’t been enough research yet”

    As usual a small study, not properly impartial and unverifiable, is quoted to promote the publisher’s interests. You see this on weight loss all the time. Cosmetics is another field where they do this a lot.

    Agree that regular coffee is a mild appetite suppressant. I often drink it late at night when the hunger starts kicking in.

    Thanks again, and I’ll be sticking with regular coffee!

    • sola

      it is fake, please dont buy it

  33. Claire E.

    I’ve never even heard of green coffee before this is really interesting! I’ve never really even been a coffee drinker until recently. Being a college student I have aquired a liking for it.