Weight Watchers Smart Ones Satisfying Selections: Smart or Not?

By Ted

Weight Watcher’s and Heinz team up to produce Smart Ones, frozen meals that are designed to be used with Weight Watchers PointsPlus or for anyone looking to cut calories, but avoid the kitchen.

I was sent a few coupons to try the new Smart Ones Satisfying Selections. Since we focus on healthy eating, let’s see how these low calorie, frozen meals measure up.2839-smart-ones-nutrition.gif
I sampled Smart Ones Sesame Chicken, which comes in a single serving bag. It can be heated by placing the whole bag in the microwave or the contents can be placed in a non-stick skillet. An 11.7 ounce serving delivers; 360 Calories, 7 fat grams, 6 grams of fiber, 25 grams of protein, and 49 grams of carbs with 10 of those coming from sugar.

The meal was a satisfying portion and it tasted good. It looked to me like there were less vegetables in the actual product, then were pictured on the package and the chicken was breaded, which was a little soggy. I’m not sure why they went that route since breading only adds calories.

Smart Ones’ Ingredient Highlights

Here’s where Smart Ones Sesame Chicken derails a bit. This frozen meal contains over 50 ingredients and while this is largely due to the the breakdown of how each main ingredient is made i.e. noodles, sauce, breaded chicken etc., there are some processed ingredients that we should be aware of.

Wheat- This product is predominately wheat based so people with gluten sensitivity should avoid it.

Sucralose- This product is artificially sweetened. Some people have reported allergic type reactions to this sweetener.

2840-smart-ones-ingredients.gifChicken fat- This ingredient is added for flavor, but it also adds cholesterol and saturated fat.

Soy- Soy sauce, soybeans, soy protein, and soybean oil are used in this product so people with soy allergies should avoid it.

Preservatives- This product does contain preservatives. Potassium lactate and sodium phosphate are both used. Both are generally considered safe, but sodium phosphate is also a drug given to people to empty the colon prior to a colonoscopy.


While the taste of Smart Ones Sesame Chicken and portion size are definitely positive, I think the product could be improved nutritionally. They could use grilled chicken instead of the breaded chicken, which would cut down on processed ingredients and calories. To make up the calories saved by this change, they could add more vegetables to the product to increase its vitamin and fiber content.

Overall, Smart Ones seems to be one of the better frozen meal options available, especially for people following the Weight Watchers program who need some quick lunch or dinner options. However, the majority of their meals should be ones in which they prepare themselves using fresh, wholesome, non-processed ingredients.


  1. Daniel Shoop 2 hours ago

    I used to love the Roasted Turkey & Mashed Potatoes selection, but it seems somebody decided to fix what wasn’t broken and changed the recipe somehow. Now I can barely stand it.

  2. Angie Hamilton

    I’ve tried a few and they are okay. I only get them when they are on sale. I usually eat the noodle ones. Yesterday, I did get one that the film wasn’t sealed to the plastic container like someone else said. Today I tried a different one. It was slow roasted turkey breast. The turkey was really good. The potatoes were very mushy, with chunks of hashbrowns in them. I would definitely have preferred instant potatoes to those. I was going to email the company, but their website is currently under construction. I just noticed on the front of the box it says, “New improved mashed potatoes”. Funny But, they’ve usually been pretty good. 🙂

  3. Rebecca

    I just had my first SmartMade frozen meal; the Rosemary Grilled Beef & Vegetables – it was By Far the Best tasting, perfectly seasoned, interesting 270 calorie microwave meal I have had EVER! They are a bit pricey for me, though. I couldn’t find any printable coupons online, would you mail me some? 1523 W Colorado Ave #7, Colorado Springs, CO 80904. Thank you.

  4. Sandra Beck

    Worst meals ever put in my mouth meat was tough, veggies overcooked. Money wasted

  5. Janice Conahan

    I recently joined Weight Watchers. Love the program. Started buying Weight Watchers frozen entrees and I’m disappointed. Some meals I noticed are skimpier than when I previously purchased them. It appears that pepper is added to entrees, I’m assuming to boost flavor. For someone who is not a pepper person, this is making them hard to swallow.

  6. Mary lanning

    Had one of your smart ones for lunch
    Slow roasted turkey breast w mashed potatoes
    They were nothing but mush
    Couldn’t even spoon them up
    Need to improve your product
    Switching to healthy choice

  7. Sue

    I used to like the Smart Ones dinners, but lately I have noticed the quality of the dinners not so good. The dinners are not sealed properly with the clear plastic not attached to the container and this has happened a few times; the tuna dinners have been dry and the latest one, chicken fettuccini was mostly sauce with very little chicken or pasta in it – more like a cream soup. I had been recommending these dinners to my friends, but will not do so now.

    • Ted

      hmmmm Strange. Perhaps they changed manufacturers. Sounds like if they did, it was a mistake.

  8. O.

    I LOVE Amy’s and I am not even a vegetarian.

    Kashi (except for the tomato and cheese pizza) is so tasteless to me, even putting salt, other spices, and condiments didn’t help.

    T. Kallmyer I think I’ll have to go for a “better” instead of a “best” nutritionally because in the long run if my tastebuds aren’t satisfied it’s going to lead to cheating.

  9. Cathy

    I always avoid frozen food. The only program that’s ever worked for me was Weight Watchers. Eventually, I switched to a vegan diet and now eat mostly organic fruits, vegetables, nuts and humus every day. Since then I don’t have to worry about tracking what I eat, and I lost 10 pounds in the first 8 weeks just going vegan. It works as long as I avoid too much white flour and sugar.

  10. Yaisa Hagood

    This was very informative, I once assumed that everything made by Smart Ones was healthy, now I know to read the labels as I do with other products.

  11. Lana

    This is a classic example of why I don’t eat frozen meals.

  12. henryalcat

    Many people respond to stress or depression by eating excessively. Sources of stress may not always be apparent, but may still affect eating habits and cause weight gain.

  13. T. Kallmyer

    I just had a look at Kashi’s ingredients and you’re right… they are cleaner with no preservatives. Smart Ones could definitely clean up a bit and be a better product as taste wise they’re already hitting the mark.

  14. rainbowlove83

    Eek! I would steer clear from that. Amy’s & Kashi brands make much healthier frozen meals.

  15. Spectra

    I found that the best way to do Weight Watchers was to just eat mostly whole foods that weren’t processed–most of these were NOT the Weight Watchers brand entrees or foods. Actually, whenever I ate a lot of WW brand foods, I didn’t lose as much weight–I’m guessing it was probably because of all the sodium and/or preservatives.