Mountain Dew Drinkers Are Heaviest, Espresso Drinkers Lightest

By Jim F

Have you ever wondered if people of certain weights buy certain drinks?

We have the answers, and they will surprise youUsing data obtained from we’ve discovered that, out of the top 10 most popular caffeinated drinks, Mountain Dew drinkers are heaviest – weighing in at 165.73 lbs (75.2 kgs).

There is no differentiation between male and female, or age.

Espresso coffee drinkers are the lightest at 156.35 pounds.

The Three Most Popular Cokes

Coke Zero, Diet Coke, and classic Coca-Cola all feature in the list. As you might expect Coke Zero drinkers are heaviest (the drink is aimed at men), and classic Coke drinkers are lightest.


Check out the tea drinkers

Here is data from the most 20 most popular caffeinated drinks. Tea drinkers are lightest.

Caffeinated Drink Weight (lbs)
Red Bull 164.6
Coffee (Brewed) 161.3
Monster 163.3
Coca-Cola Classic 161.7
5 Hour Energy 162.4
Mountain Dew 165.4
Monster Energy Drink 165.3
Dr Pepper 161.4
Coffee (Espresso) 158.0
NOS Energy Drink 164.8
Rockstar 162.0
Diet Coke 163.1
Coke Zero 164.8
Coffee (Instant) 153.9
Red Bull Energy Shot 162.6
Tea (Brewed) 151.2
Cocaine Energy Drink 162.4
Pepsi-Cola 164.7
Amp Energy Drink 164.2
Rockstar 2x Energy Drink 165.9
Chocolate Milk 162.2


  1. madgirl

    This is interesting since my husband is 48 years old, 150 and 6’1″ and continues to chug his Mountain Dews. Whether he is healthy mine be another astory.

    • Ted

      The graph shows that on average Mountain Dew drinkers are heavier. Your husband would be an exception 🙂 But health wise, I doubt the Dew is doing much for his overall health.

  2. Matt

    That’s interesting, because I LOVE mountain dew and I am 6’2″ and 150lbs.

  3. Josh

    That’s too bad, I love Mountain Dew!

  4. Mike

    I’ve noticed that nearly every person I know or have met that is morbidly obese, (not just talking about overweight here) seems to have Mountain Dew, or the Diet version, as their main beverage. Personally I can’t stand the taste of the stuff, and think it looks like radiator fluid, although I do admit to somewhat liking the occasional Pepsi, 7up or Jarrito, (A Mexican soda with an exceptionally high sugar content, in case you were wondering). (All I can think of when I see it is the famous line from The Simpsons concerning MD.) So, it was not surprising to see MD ranked #1. Esp. if this survey reflects averages, which I assume it does. (i.e. if most overweight people do not love MD, the pool of extremely overweight who do could yield such results.)

  5. O.

    Does it have more sugar than other types of regular soda?

    It must have something different because it is majorly lacking in fizz, which is my favorite part of drinking soda 😛

  6. Jim

    Mountain Dew does contain a lot of caffeine for a regular soft drink (54mg per 12 ounce can) – which is similar to a cup of instant coffee.

    I don’t think its the caffeine that’s the issue: It’s the sugar

  7. O.

    I picked up a 12 pack of Mountain Dew just for something different since I usually drink diet colas.

    I had seen a article on television some time ago saying that MD has way more caffine that coffee and had become majorly addictive for some people.

    I have been finishing my case of MD and have not felt any different. I just hated that it wasn’t fizzy enough for me.

  8. T. Kallmyer

    There actually have been other studies that show diet soda drinkers are heavier than regular soda drinkers. Many who drink diet sodas think they can indulge more because they are saving calories in their beverages. There’s also the theory that artificial sweeteners increase appetite.

  9. Dawn

    I don’t get the Coke Zero numbers – Coke Zero has no calories. How would someone who drinks Coke Classic weigh less than someone who drinks a no-calorie drink??

  10. Spectra

    I once dated a guy who drank about 7 or 8 regular Mountain Dew sodas a day and he was definitely obese. But then there are people who drink pots of coffee every day (my dad drinks 2 full pots by himself) and are thin, like my dad. A lot of it has to do with what other dietary choices you make during the day in addition to the caffeine and sugar.

  11. Jim

    The data comes from the Death By Caffeine calculator on energy fiend where people select their favorite drink and input their weight. The calculator is used over a million times a month – so quite a large data sample.

    Of course its unscientific. I just thought it was interesting how high energy / sugar drinks were correlated with higher weights. Says nothing about cause and effect…

  12. Lana

    How did they get this information? Did they just do a survey? Was their sample pop. 😉 representative of the general pop.? How did they define “drinker”? 2 servings a day? 5 servings a day? Not withstanding all the holes, its a fun little piece of info. They make an interesting point too. I can imagine the heavy drinkers are heavy because of a energy high, drop, energy high type cycle. You drink that first energy drink, get tons of energy, start to crash and burn and either reach for another one or reach for some food source of quick energy. Perpetuating the cycle.

  13. TheBumbler

    Indeed. It’s kind of interesting but it certainly doesn’t demonstrate cause and effect – just trends.

  14. Maggie

    Except that the coke and dr. pepper drinkers are lighter than the plain old coffee and diet soda drinkers!

  15. T. Kallmyer

    Well, there are skinny people and overweight people that eat fast food and junk food too, but on average if you eat fast food, you are most likely heavier than if you don’t. This is showing the same correlation, but with sugary beverages. I think it’s very useful, maybe not for you who has eating under control, but for others that are addicted to soda, it can serve as a small wake up call. 🙂

  16. Spectra

    That’s sort of a pointless chart, if you ask me. There are heavy people and light people that drink caffeinated and/or sugary beverages. These numbers are just an average of people’s weights. I fail to see how this is useful information.

  17. ted

    Wow great article, Love the graphics and it goes to show that empty calories in sodas and energy drinks really do make a difference.

  18. Jim F.

    Uh no. We just thought it was interesting info, and it’s rude not to cite where you got the information from.

  19. Mellie

    Is this an advertisement for the site linked to?