39 Painful Truths About Diet That No-one Ever Told Me

By Jim F

Ever wish you could get the real facts about dieting and health? And not just made-up magazine fluff?

There have been so many things that I thought were the answer, but hindsight has taught me better.

  1. why do TV ads show only women eating yogurt?
  2. muscle magazines are big supplement ads and never taught me anything.
  3. get professional help when you injure yourself, otherwise when you get older your body will never forget the injury.
  4. every time you embark on a dramatic new plan/exercise program — it will end (sooner or later).
  5. the only thing that lasts is lifestyle change.
  6. when exercise becomes recreation it becomes fun.
  7. don’t start doing olympic weight lifting moves when you have hypermobile joints.
  8. there will always be revolutionary new diet books, but there will rarely be revolutionary nutrition research.
  9. months and months of work making bigger muscles didn’t make me a better person.
  10. overeating expensive proteins (steak etc) everyday to get big muscles lost its allure once I visited truly poor people in 3rd world countries.
  11. you can’t change your bone structure.
  12. you can’t judge someone’s strength from their size.
  13. you can’t judge someone’s character from their size.
  14. you can’t always trust men in white coats.
  15. everything is photoshopped.
  16. informercials are lies, and most testimonials on informercials are paid wannabe-actors desperate for some TV time
  17. eating 5-6x per day made no difference and got me used to eating ALL the time.
  18. restricting food always seems to backfire.
  19. stopping eating foods you love makes you irritable and angry.
  20. eating less of the unhealthy foods is better than trying to stop altogether.
  21. taking fruit to work every day is the simplest healthy eating regimen you can do.
  22. if you like takeaways – don’t stop them. Find the healthiest you can.
  23. putting veggies on a kids plate every day for a year doesn’t mean they start eating it.
  24. tabatas are a great way to work out.
  25. seeing my body as just my ‘overcoat’ made me look after it rather than worship it.
  26. there is nothing new (in diet/fitness) – we just re-discover old things from time to time.
  27. exercise is good for mental health (not just physical).
  28. my body is less forgiving as I get older.
  29. the things you obsess over eventually control you.
  30. vigorous working out when you’re sick is just silly.
  31. walking when recuperating is a better idea.
  32. we can change. believe it.
  33. getting a chilled / filtered water dispenser in your house is the best way to cut down on sugar drinks.
  34. experts that write books have struggles too.
  35. experts don’t have all the answers – sometimes you need to find the answers yourself.
  36. not all skinny people are healthy or anywhere near fit.
  37. not all fat people are unfit or weak.
  38. we place entirely too much emphasis on appearance and not enough on character.
  39. no matter how much time+money+cosmetics+surgery you put into your body… eventually gravity wins.


  1. Nadia

    Phenomenal…SO true!!! Thanks for the post I think we all need to stop and read once in a while 🙂

  2. Eli

    It’s sooooooo true, i started working out in 2001 and have lost 60 pounds i am quite satisfied with myself right now. But i agree with u completely, all of the things mentioned in u your article have happened to me or to the persons working out in the Gym.

  3. Melanie | Dietriffic

    Hi Jim,
    Fab post, really enjoyed ready this.

    Something I totally agree with is your point that eating less of the unhealthy foods is better than trying to stop altogether. How true that is — if we could just get that into our minds, fad diets, which cut out whole food groups, would have less of a grip on society.

  4. Sketchee

    Good post. Always nice to here a little bit of motivation when trying to make that lifestyle change and get healthier

  5. J. Foster

    The reality is, however, we are an impatient people – wired for instant gratification. A lifetime of believing that “product x” will fix “problem y” is where it stems from. Sometimes change is a process – a long slow one.

    – Jim

  6. J. Foster

    Thanks Josh. The passage of time always makes you look back and shake your head at all the dramatic things we try to improve ourselves.

  7. Spectra

    Absolutely, Jim. Great list. If anyone wants advice about how to lose weight and keep sane about it, they should just read your post. Lots of great info there!

  8. Mike Howard

    Simply excellent… well done, Jim!

  9. Carmen

    agreed on all of this, I am a 22 yr. old am trying to find ways to get all of this across to girls and guys(who are interested) around my community, and not sure where to start! I honestly believe that everyone who has dealt with and struggled through to overcome weight loss could share so much with others. You hit a lot of great points!

  10. John Sifferman - Physical Living

    Great list – many nuggets of wisdom in there.

  11. Josh Barton, CMT, HHC


    You may like my mentor’s book, Integrative Nutrition; many of these or similar concepts are discussed. Two that come to mind are the concept of “primary food” (the things that make you happy) and “crowding out” (replacing bad foods with good ones).

    I 100% agree with everything here 🙂