The New Me Diet

By Gerry Pugliese
Metabolic Effect

Back in the day, there were only two kinds of exercise, cardio and weights. But now, there’s a new one: “high-intensity.”

Developed by Drs. Jade and Keoni Teta, The New Me Diet focuses on high-intensity training and nutrition to trigger the body’s fat-burning hormones.

And, using a questionnaire which determines your body’s metabolism, The New Me Diet says you can lose up to15 pounds in 3 weeks.An overview of The New Me Diet illustrates the four key tenants of the fitness regime, and how it can work for you.

“Intelligent Exercise”

Instead of long, drawn out cardio workouts, like for running miles and miles, Me goes with high-intensity spurts, involving circuit resistance training with heavy weights, short rest periods, which last only thirty one minutes.

Creators of Me claim this can spark the “Metabolic Effect” – or ME – leading to increased fat burning for 48 hours after the workout has finished.

The Science Of ME Training

Me says short, high-intensity workouts help “change hormones,” allowing the body to naturally regulate fat burning, appetite, and mood. Changes in mood will give you the motivation to workout, and it cuts food cravings.

Exercising for only thirty-one minutes jives well with people who are pressed for time. How “hard” the workout is sparks the ME, causing your body to increase fat usage for hours, even days, after exercising; with ME outperforming typical aerobic programs.

The ME Fat Loss Lifestyle

As far as nutrition goes, The New Me Diet says low-calorie isn’t everything. Eating is only part of it. Suppressing appetite occurs through hormones, with a fierce exercise regiment revving up fat burning hormones.

Eating high volume foods – protein and fiber – and intense workouts, produce powerful fat burning hormones including adrenalin, human growth hormone, and testosterone, to facilitate weight-loss and boost willpower.

Rest-Based Training

Comparing it to a sprinter taking a break between races, The New Me Diet stresses the importance of rest, encouraging it in a workout, and calling that a good thing.

Rest helps you take your exercise further. The more you rest, the harder you will push yourself, and vice-versa.

What do you think? Me sounds like another retread to me – lots of exercise, eat right, rest; But, all diet gurus, diet “doctors” and miracle programs rub me the wrong way. So, I’m the wrong guy to ask.

Have you tried Me? Did it work for you?


  1. aziza

    I am trying to loss now almost 3 years but I can not need your help to loss weight

  2. SMS

    I’m not seeing dates on any of the previous comments so I am not sure if I am contributing to a “stale” conversation, but I will contribute, nonetheless, I just want to say that I am starting week 4 of the ME “diet” and think this is the BEST “diet” I have ever tried. I say “diet” because it really, truly does not feel like one. I have done everything from Atkins to Dukan as well as the ole calorie counting and although I may have lost weight with some, I felt that none of the approaches were an actual LIFE STYLE. The Metabolic Diet is.

    The Wellness Director at my local YMCA put something on Facebook regarding the ME diet and offered a special on a consultation with her and setting up a meal plan for any interested individual. I took her up on it. I found out, through a series of questionnaires, that I am what is known as a “sugar burner”. After meeting with her and receiving some terrific information, I also ordered the book. I have been choosing to make the right food choices for my body and burn type and also completing three 30 minute Rest Based Training sessions per week. I try to walk at least a half an hour on a couple of days too.

    I have refused to weigh myself as obessively as I used to because I do believe there is a difference between WEIGHT loss and FAT loss. The number on the scale does not mean anything to me anymore. I know transformation is happening because I FEEL better and my clothes are fitting better, My face is thinner. My cravings are under control for the first time in my life. Oh, and by the way, I am down 8 lbs. Most of which I know is water weight, but it’s the start of true fat loss.

    Yes, some of the information may seem like “been there, done that, information, but read the book. It makes sense. The whole “eat less, move more” clearly is not easy and clearly does not work for everyone. There is a reason for that. Read the book,

    • Ted

      Great, glad it’s working for you. Sounds like the Me Diet fits with your needs well.

  3. Javi


    Can you give us an update?

  4. Stephanie

    first of all, I don’t know yet if this works – I have just started my first week and will not advocate for the efficiency of the ME diet yet, BUT I am already glad I bought the book, because it has achieved some things all other books have failed me so far. I usually read a book halfway, realize it’s either rubbish or plain common sense anyway.

    I have found the ME diet very helpful, because I HAD already lost lots of weight and am now struggling with the last pounds. My body seems to be extremely resilient against losing that last bit of fat (and no, I am definitely not anorexic, I have 30% body fat, eat regularly and healthy). I run an organic farm, so I neither lack healthy food nor activity in my life.

    My big problem has always been cravings, inexplicable hunger and the urge to binge for no reason. For no reason meaning, I’ve been to a psychologist who couldn’t find anything wrong with me. So for me, it seems to be a biological thing, not emotionally.

    The ME diet provides a fairly good explanation for some of the hormonal chaos in the human body, it gives you powerful tools to control your cravings and hunger, tailored to your individual needs. After a whole life of chocolate addiction I finally found a easy way to feed that chocolate craving in a healthy way. I had always believed it was about the fat and sugar, but it seems I was wrong: I drink a small portion of pure cocoa every couple of days and the cravings are gone.

    So I don’t know if this book helps save the world from obesity, if it’s all a “brand new” idea or just old common sense packed between pages. I just know one thing: fighting off my chocolate (and other) cravings and my ravenous hunger has been SO worth the couple of dollars spent on the kindle pc version. I have tried millions of tricks and none of them worked because they all aimed at the psychological/emotional problem with cravings.

    I will take some time and put the rest of the book through a thorough test and to be fair, I will follow the rules of the book by the letter, not because I believe the authors bear the holy grail, but just to see if it works for fat loss as efficiently as it has freed me of my cravings.

    I don’t care if it’s all due to some placebo effect, because it’s the first placebo that’s actually working for me. 😉


  5. Ellen

    I forgot to add: I also don’t drink soda or even juice. It’s unsweetened tea or water, and plenty of it. The sugars I consume come from fruit and occasionally a piece of dark chocolate.

  6. Ellen


    That works for some people, some of the time. I’m a 40-year old woman who eats lean protein, steamed veggies, organic, non-processed food. I don’t snack, eat dairy, or drink alcohol. I also exercise 3-5 times a week, walk to the store, and take the stairs instead of elevators. I am busy and quite active.

    Know what? I gained weight doing this. I was actually thinner when I skipped breakfast, drank wine, ate cheese, and was less active.

    I am, however, someone who deals with quite a bit of stress though it’s managed fairly well through acupuncture and herbal supplements. I am also aging, which screws with your hormones.

    If your plan works for you, then great. Just don’t assume that those of us who are still dealing with weight issues aren’t doing the same and it’s not working for us. I’m willing to give the ME diet a try because I do think stress and hormones are affecting me and keeping me from losing weight.

  7. RedDonnaAnn

    “dress out” is nonsensical phrase, if we’re going to get snarky on blog grammar and spelling. You also have incorrect comma usage after “etc”which is a run-on sentence.

    Helpful is not a synonym for nice but you could try to make it one.

  8. RedDonnaAnn

    Oh, I don’t know if I would say the current approach to weight loss is the problem. It is basic math that if you burn more than you eat you won’t have a weight issue, for the vast majority. Americans eat high fat, high carb, high sugar foods and are more and more sedentary as the years go by. And then we wonder why we’re fat?

    I am planning on trying the approach, not for weight loss but for fat and will be happy to post my experience. I fractured my ankle, my mom had a stroke and a relationship ended all within a six month period. I spent a lot of time on the sofa with the remote. Fat resulted, though my weight stayed almost the same.

    Soooo, we’ll see, eh? It’s good to have new options to try and I wish everyone a healthy, clean lifestyle!

  9. Dave

    The real tenets of a fitness/weightloss program? How about, the best exercise is the one that you will actually DO! Just get off your butt and get moving! Walk every chance you get even if it’s only five or ten minutes at a time. Diet? Plan it around the foods you like, your family likes, that you can afford, and that you have easy access. First step change portions. Drink more water. Stop drinking soft drinks and alcohol. Stop drowning your foods in sauces, gravies, condiments, salt, cheese! Bake, grill, microwave instead of fry! DO these things first and everything else will fall into place. Every time a new MIRACLE diet book comes out so many people stop doing what the were half heartedly doing according to the last MIRACLE diet book and jump on the new band wagon. They only stick with it until the next latest greatest thing comes along. Diet book authors, especially Healthcare professionals should concentrate more on helping people learn the real proven things to do to lose weight and get healthy without spending so much time repackaging and sensationalizing this old, well known information as some new manna from heaven given to them from God as his choosen ones so that they can go out and heal the world.

  10. Healthy Mom

    Hi I am new to this blog and have never heard of the New Me diet. However, I will most likely buy the book since I find that, although I don’t follow any one particular plan, if I can get just one piece of valuable information from a book it was worth buying.

  11. helpful

    It’s “tenets”, not “tenants”, btw.

    As far as exercise, I think most people have an idea of how much they are willing to do, and are looking for something that isn’t boring. Classes aren’t usually boring, but you have to dress out, drive there, etc., and there is of course, the expense. A DVD that has several different 31-minute workouts would probably be best for this sort of thing.

  12. Judith

    The problem that I see is how to get people to stay motivated outside a clinic or class setting to do 10, let alone 31 minutes, of challenging exercises on a consistent basis.

    I think I am very typical in that a class I will keep going, whereas exercising solo I tend to stop at a much earlier (probably much less beneficial) point.

    Perhaps the book covers this. I had never heard of it until reading the review just now.

  13. Jade Teta

    Thanks Mike. Yes, please do. I would love to answer any questions and really do appreciate your work.

  14. J. Foster

    Congrats on your weight loss. The trouble is that there are hundreds of books continually re-releasing very similar information. It’s rich to call anything ‘revolutionary’ these days.

  15. Mike Howard

    Thanks for chiming in, Jade. I would like to take a look at your book at some point. I will keep your email handy and might bounce a question or 2 off you. We probably agree on the more pressing and important issues when it comes to fat loss.


  16. Mike Howard

    I think you’re on to something there, Duane! I’ll look for it on bookshelves soon!

  17. Mike Howard

    Thanks Dr Betsy for following up – I will check out the video when I have a chance.

  18. Jade Teta

    Hello. Gerry thanks for doing the piece on our book. I agree with you Gerry and Mike. I too am skeptical of all diet books and diets in general. Although I think we can all agree that the current approach to weight loss is not working in this country. I am hopeful this approach can help make a difference. I have seen it over and over again in my clinic and am certainly not the only one who has seen this approach be successful. I think we will see the hormonal approach to body change more and more as health care providers trainers and the public begin to understand it. I am glad to answer any questions you guys may have on the book. You can reach me @ Thanks again for your work. I am big fan of the blog and share your desire to educate, motivate and inspire people to make real body change.

  19. Dr. Betsy

    The book has several new and I believe “cutting edge” info. Using the questionnaire to determine insulin vs stress hormone balance and then prescribing macronutrients based on that. I.e., more carb for stress dominant individuals. As I have heard them say in a lecture posted on youtube, you cant eat stress and it has no calories yet it dramatically impacts weight loss or gain (checkout the lecture on their youtube page. It tells the approach of the book nicely By taking account of this, people realize they need more starch…i.e., insulin suppresses catecholamines and cortisol. Rather than saying cut carb or fat or calories for all people. They also make a distinction between weight loss and fat loss and a healthy diet and a fat loss diet. Again, this info is not out there in popular culture. Finally, you can tell they have experience in working with people as the approach is practical and easy not cumbersome like most diet books. I am thinking of recommending this book to my patients since it is that simple. I think people can adopt this approach as it gives simple tools….the plate, the bite approach to starches, the label reading tool is very cool, and the workouts are easy to learn but very tough. I feel it is one of the best books on diet to come along in a long while. But, of course I understand the skepticism especially with the title, eat more exercise less etc, but in the video they explain this. Read it, and let me know what you think?

  20. Duane

    Thanks Mike. And how many diet and exercise books selling “common sense” are best sellers? Guess its not sexy enough.
    “What do you mean it’ll take me a year to lose the weight!?! I want it off tomorrow!!! Where’s that ad for the South Atkins Dukan Acai berry lemon cleansing Safflower oil Beach diet?”

    Oh ya!

  21. Mike Howard

    Out of ccuriosity (and for someone who hasn’t read the book), what aspects of the program do you feel are “cutting edge” and “new”?

    I can tell from the website that the authors have a very well-rounded skill set and education – which doesn’t guarantee good information but it’s a good start. They do cite their claims on their site (also good), but as Gerry mentioned, it isn’t uncommon these days. Citations can be cherry-picked, misrepresented and misused.

    I’ll reserve judgement until I’ve read the book, but this doesn’t sound much different than whay people like Alwyn Cosgrove have been advocating for at least a decade now.

  22. Mike Howard

    Well said, Duane! When something’s worked for someone – there’s no telling them anything differently. As long as the way of eating is sensible, healthy, not unnecessarily restrictive and something people can stick with – I have no problems.

    And then of course there is the muddy definition of “healthy”.

  23. Duane

    There are always going to be people who will swear by any diet or exercise program they have had success with. These people will always disagree with any criticism of said program because they believe in it. At least until another one they like comes along. Exactly the type of people the diet industry loves. Losing weight and being healthy shouldn’t cost countless dollars over and over again.

  24. Gerry Pugliese

    Actually, citations are incredibly standard for diet books these days.

  25. Dr. Betsy

    This program is a cutting edge approach to fat loss. Remember, the title is designed by people trying to get your attention. What is inside is very different. having read the book, I can tell you it is an excellent and new take on diets. Glad you are trying to stay objective, but a read through the website does not qualify as a book review. By the way, did you see all the citations? Also, not standard for a diet book.

  26. Spectra

    The concept of interval training isn’t really all that new, but the idea that you only need 31 minutes to work out is a little sketchy. I haven’t tried this program, but it sounds like it’s just kind of a rehash of already-known info. I think the idea that high-volume, fiber-rich foods to fill you up is also kind of a “no-duh” thing…he’s just adding on the info that eating such foods will produce certain hormones.

  27. Mike Howard

    “Useful”: conforms exactly to what I believe and doesn’t leave any room to constructive criticism.

    Congrats on your weight loss, Andre. But we’re not in the business of categorically aggrandizing diets without any critical thought.

  28. Duane


  29. Andre

    Wow, an article all about a GREAT and PROVEN excerise method and at the end a lowsy negative comment with no background facts. And here I thought this blog was actually useful. Unsubscribing now, bye. Good luck with your fail blog. PS: Currently lost 14 pounds with this method. Next time, don’t blog just for the sake of it.