Belly Fat Cure

By Ted

The Belly Fat Cure by Jorge Cruise has found its way to the New York Times Best Seller List, and is one of the latest diets hoping to appeal to the millions of people who struggle with obesity.

Jorge Cruise is also the author of the popular 3 Hour Diet, which instructed dieters to eat every three hours to lose weight.

So, what does Cruise’s new diet promote in order to help dieters lose belly fat and the promised “4 pounds a week“?

Belly Fat Cure Overview

The basic premise of Jorge Cruise’s new diet is based on keeping insulin levels regulated in the body. The Belly Fat Cure states that high insulin levels cause the liver to turn sugar into fat, which ultimately gets stored in the belly.

If a dieter wishes to keep insulin levels within a healthy range he/she must get rid of simple sugars from the diet. Jorge says that The Belly Fat Cure isn’t about counting calories, but about paying attention to what kind of calories are being consumed.

Jorge claims that eating less and exercising more doesn’t work, and he guarantees if the dieter sticks to his plan “to the letter”, he/she will lose 4 pounds a week, and results will be “almost instant”.

Cruise offer’s prospective dieters a free 7 day plan and promises to be with the dieter every step of the way.

Sample Belly Fat Meal Plan


  • 2 or 3 eggs any style with one slice of whole grain toast with a pat of butter or cream cheese.
  • A cup of coffee with cream or half and half; but not milk, its full of hidden sugar

  • 1/4 cup of walnuts

  • Tuna or turkey with your favorite cheese and lettuce wrapped in a medium whole grain tortilla.
  • A glass of unsweetened iced tea with lemon.

  • 1 serving of string cheese

  • Salad with baby spinach, grilled chicken, crushed black pepper, and olive oil dressing.
  • A side of either broccoli or zucchini, sauteed in butter and topped with melted mozzarella.

  • Decaf espresso with a dollop of heavy whipped cream sprinkled with cinnamon and sweetened with a packet of stevia.


While cutting out simple sugars isn’t really anything new, and has been shown to be effective in helping people not only lose weight, but to have better health as well, many of Cruise’s claims in The Belly Fat Cure aren’t based on solid research, and are more or less marketing hyperbole.

Statements such as “results are almost instantly“, “eating less exercising more doesn’t work“, as well as “flavoring each of your three main meals daily with a pinch of salt will also aid in digestion and accelerate your weight loss“, are simply not factual.

I signed up for the 7 day sample plan, which was really just a ploy to get me on Cruise’s mailing list. It contained very little information, apart from a couple days worth of menus that to me seemed to be quite high in saturated fat, and was designed for a 40 year old woman, which I am not.

In Cruises automated email he claims to be with me every step of the way, yet when I replied to his email with a question, it instantly bounced back saying email quota was exceeded.

Although Cruise is a pretty savvy marketer of his products, by getting attention from Oprah and Dr. Oz, his Belly Fat Cure teaches nothing new and actually encourages dieters to consume high amounts of saturated fat and salt. Not to mention the widely disproved notion that belly fat can be targeted by a certain diet or certain exercises.


  1. Di

    I bought the book but looking for a daily template to count carbs and fat

  2. Cathy

    I have been on this diet for 2 weeks and have only lost 4 lbs. I gave up artificial sweeteners and have followed the 15/6 rule. I am 60 years old and I know that older people have more trouble losing but I really need to get rid of my belly for health reasons. What am I doing wrong? Please help! – Cathy

    • Ted

      2 lbs per week is great! And a healthy rate of weight loss.

      • Cathy

        As of this morning I have now lost 5 lbs. You’re right Ted, 2 lbs. a week is more than I lost on other diets. I guess I was just disappointed because I did not lose more the first week like Jorge says in his book. Has anyone else had this weight loss this slow? Thanks.

        • Cathy

          Okay, I’ve been stuck for 2 weeks at a 5-lb weight loss. Then this morning I realized that the whey protein shakes that I have been drinking every day have sucralose in them. Bummer. I know you are supposed to avoid artificial sweeteners like this but does it keep you from losing weight? I have been sticking to the program otherwise. Would appreciate you help.

          • Barbara

            I have been on this diet previously and have gone back on the diet. I do not lose one pound a day on the 14 day fast track as the book says. However, I lose weight differently than most people I think. I can stay on this diet and not lose a pound for 8 or 9 days but then will lose 3-4 pounds all at once. I think it depends on your metabolism. My metabolism is slow at the moment and it will take regular exercise to get back on track and rev up my metabolism.

            I am also 60 years old and I do not lose weight the same way that I did when I was younger.

  3. Patricia Zandes

    Just started this week-love the book! It is easy to follow- the list of good and bad products in the back is very helpful while shopping— The recipes I have tried so far have been great- my family can not wait for dinner now to see what new and delicious dish we are having!!! Struggling a bit with the sugar deal- I love candy!!! Wish me luck and my thought are with you too—

  4. Grsky

    Sorry I haven’t been back for awhile. I was using an exercise bike though not being much for exercise I stopped after about 3 months. It is hard to say – I found that the first few weeks were difficult and I seemed to be at a standstill. The main thing that kept me going was knowing I was doing it for my health not just weight loss. He really needs to watch the carbs and I think portion control is helpful too. If you are eating a lot of protein your elimination would slow down. Flax seed is a good addition. Highly recommend nuts and seeds as snacks. Choose whole grains, easy on fruit, make sure you are only getting additional sweetness from stevia or sugar alcohols. I tried BFF week long diet and didn’t work for me. I believe it is a trial and error thing too. I didn’t often get my entire 120 of carbs – though I think most men can consume more then women – and eating six times a day just wasn’t working. Everyone responds to things differently but I think if he sticks with the 120/15 ratio – eats enough without over eating and has patience it should work. Focus on health not weight.

    I got thru Thanksgiving enjoying what I wanted to eat including my mom’s outrageous pumpkin pie – got back to plan the next day and I suffered no weight gain at all.

    It is a lifestyle change for sure. My son was recently diagnosed with adult onset juvenile diabetes – seeing what he has to contend with was what inspired me to try this. The 120 carbs was also the recommended number in his diabetic book.

  5. Lynn

    Grsky, congratulations on your weight loss. My husband started BFC in October of this year. After losing about 8lbs in the first two weeks, his weight loss came to a grinding halt. He added in more fiber with Uncle Sam cereal and just recently added flax seed to his diet. Can you tell me if you are excercising and are you eating more vegetables than protein? Those are the only two things I can think of that could be hindering his weight loss.

  6. Grsky

    I’ve tried Atkins with success – but the lack of carbs made it impossible to continue and the weight piled back on. BFC 120 carbs is plenty and there are very few things that I have to say no to. I lost 40 pounds in 4 months – and another 20 in the past 5 months. I don’t feel like I’m on a diet – basically I’m eating the way I like to eat just making different choices – really recommend the Natures Hollow jams for a sweet treat. My triglicerides dropped from 216 to 100 and I’m doing great – and I’m 62. I am having no difficulty making this a life change – It’s Halloween and I did eat a fun sized snickers. I found that it tasted funny with an after taste that I hadn’t noticed before when I ate sx or more at a time – no trouble stopping at one and no desire to have another. I’ve tried other diets before and couldn’t sustain it – WW made me crazy with the food points and tracking. I highly recommend BFC.

  7. Susan

    I’ve read many times that the only way to lose fat in the abdominal area is to consume fewer calories than you burn, just like losing fat anywhere else on your body. You can strengthen the abdominal muscles through strength training exercises (eg crunches), but you can’t “work at the fat in the area” through sit-ups.

  8. T. Kallmyer

    Well tre, since I don’t have a pound to lose it wouldn’t be healthy for me to follow such a diet. I never made judgment on whether it worked or not but commented on some statements that contradict what solid research has shown us.

  9. Dieting Diet

    Eating less and exercising more does work to lose weight – just no in the areas that you may specifically want to lose it. Sit-ups and other stomach exercises is the only way to work at the fat in the area.

    Still, managing sugars is valid advice. I hope he mentions the different types of sugars and the need for natural sugars in the body.

    If you have time, check out my diet management site :

  10. tre

    I don’t think 4 pounds sounds right either. However, I don’t think the writer of the article deserves to comment if they haven’t actually tried the diet. Signing up for the mailing list does not count as effort. I mean, why put the diet plan down if you won’t even try it for seven days? I don’t think that is good journalism.

  11. Cozzoli

    I don’t see why he has to adopt Atkins. The BFC plan with 120 carbs a day is more than you can ever get with Atkins. When keeping carbs under 120g and sugar under 15g, the weight is falling off.

  12. sara cards

    This diet isn’t new it has been out since the beginning of the year. In fact he is about to release a new book before the beginning of the year that rips off Atkins completely.

  13. SaraR74

    Visceral fat, the fat that surrounds our bellies, is linked to a lot of chronic diseases. Diet plays a huge part in belly fat, I usually recommend high fiber and detoxifying foods to help eliminate and cleanse the body. I’ve been successful with all of my clients who suffer from this. It’s pretty common, but there are solutions that work quickly.


  14. Spectra

    His plan sounds like just another version of a low-carb diet. Avoid simple carbs, eat all the fat and protein you want. Yawn.

  15. Cozzoli

    He is on to something…..zipping into my size 6 jeans is all the proof I need. In trying to lose those extra 10 lbs by exercise alone, they just wouldn’t budge.

    Jorge’s plan is easier than Weight Watchers and I am not following his exact food choices. The “Calorie Counter” android tool is helpful for tracking. Started BFC in August and have lost 12 pounds. Just by limiting to 15g of sugar and 6 servings of carbs a day. I didn’t buy any of the special foods (well, I already switched to Truvia and Zevia sodas in June) and I take 2 days off a week. I used to think I had low blood sugar and popped smartees or M&M’s through the day, but I find that I really do have more energy now without the sugar. Try it!

  16. Mike Howard

    Yeah he’s come around on that, but he’s also fallen victim to the “insulin makes you fat” dogma. It seems there’s no middle ground with diet book authors.

  17. musajen

    Saturated fat is not the enemy. I’m glad Cruise is recommending it.

  18. ArrowSmith

    Behold the belly buster diet!

  19. Mike Howard

    Hi simpleton,

    carbohydrates vary in their speed of breakdown. Whole wheat, white, what-have consumption needs to be taken into the context of what you are doing throughout the day dietary and exercise wise.

    In terms of maximum amount of sugar – this varies too depending on the context of your other dietary choice/caloric intake and exercise. If you’re looking for a number, 20-40g per day max is a good ballpark but I must stress that you have to look at the context of your entire diet.

    If you want to be more general, try and have as little as possible. Indulge once in a while and focus on eating healthier more wholesome foods most of the time. This will help naturally push empty calorie foods aside.

  20. simpleton

    Whole wheat or not, doesn’t bread break down to sugar pretty quickly?

    On average, what’s the maximum amount of sugar (g) you can eat a day, direct or indirectly in foods, and still lose weight?