What Would Jesus Eat?

By Ted

Coined “The Jesus Diet”, “What Would Jesus Eat?” written by Dr. Don Colbert is one of the latest diets based on biblical principles.

The author believes that if we are looking to Jesus as an example on how to live, this should naturally include what Jesus ate as well. He looked at the life of Jesus, the culture in which he lived, and references to food made in the bible in order to come up with “What Would Jesus Eat?”

The Jesus Diet Essentials

Basically, Jesus ate a Mediterranean-like diet with, of course, Kosher components since he was part of the Jewish culture. Based on this and biblical references the author concluded that Jesus ate a diet rich in fish, whole meal flat bread, olives, olive oil, figs, dates, the occasional lamb and of course red wine among other things.

The subject of red wine in the diet is often a sore spot among Christians, with some believing that the wine referred to in the bible was just “grape juice”. This however, is not accurate according to historical evidence and the red wine was probably a strong burgundy rather than the mild red wines consumed by most today.

Of course Jesus spent a lot of time walking, often covering many miles a day at least during his ministry years so exercise is a vital component of “What Would Jesus Eat”.


The Jesus Diet will appeal to those who enjoy Mediterranean type foods and who want to follow Jesus’ example even in their eating habits. However, it would be foolish for the dieter to follow Jesus’ diet to “the letter of the Law” because He would have had limited food choices based on the time and region in which He lived. Instead it would wise to incorporate the healthy concepts of Jesus’ diet into our modern world which is full of a variety of healthy options.

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  1. fitness1st

    Very informative, nice ideas..
    Thanks for sharing you wisdom and knowledge.

  2. Juanita

    I heard a man say that when he lived in Israel he found that what they said was the best wine was freshly pressed grape juice. In Germany I asked for apple juice and it is called apfel vine or similar sounding words. It did not taste like apple juice we know here. Heard two doctors say ordinary grapejuice does what they say wine does. Alcohol does no one good. The Mediterranean Diet is a really good and delicious diet full of nutrition it sounds like. Jordan Rubin who wrote the book The Maker’s Diet tells about that diet and how health came to his sick body after trying all else to get over a terrible disease that was literally killing him. Diet helps lots. My folks have longevity in their ancestory and my dad died 95 1/2 years old and would have lived longer had he had better care at assisted living. My long-lived relatives were gardening or farming people who didn’t smoke, carouse, drink or use dangerous chemicals. Probably used good composting methods for gardening. Cattle were grass-fed and free of things they don’t naturally eat. Relatives used common sense and care…and faith. Milk was unpasteurized and delicious. My grandmother served Postum to us kids. Several I think were vegetarians. I have two daughters who are. They look much younger than their age. They stay away from bleached flour and polished rice, too. I am 76 and have always been thought to be 10 years younger than the age I was. My girls are like that. One son is like that, also. It pays to take care of oneself and do the Bible diet.

  3. latalane

    All you have to do is check the mortality rate stats in Israel, compared to ours and you will see for yourself that their diet plays a major role. Those that Jesus healed during his time may or may not have been on the same diet because a lot of the Jewish culture had started worship of other so called gods and adapting heathen practices and habits, and some were simply having to be healed to reveal God’s glory as was the issue of the blind man. Health not only starts with the body, Health is a state, Mind, Body, and Spirit.

  4. Jenny

    Interestingly, the people in Jesus’ time were also on this particular diet. Have you forgotten that Jesus had to heal so many of them? He was healing them left and right and they were eating many of the same things, if not exactly the same things He was eating. Remember that Jesus is God. He had divine health and his physical diet had little to do with that. This is just another practical guide to helping people eat foods that have been proven to be healthier than fastfood, but come on, didn’t we already know that?

  5. J. Foster

    Food was meant to be something to nurture our bodies, AND to be enjoyed in a social environment among friends. Gluttony (food and drink) always has consequences…

  6. Spectra

    I’ve heard of this diet before. It makes sense–any diet that is from 2000 years ago is going to be low in processed grains and rich in vegetables, fruits, fish, meat, and nuts. And I’m firmly convinced that Jesus did indeed drink wine. And that it was REAL wine. The Bible talks a lot about not drinking to excess; it says nothing about being a teetotaler.

    The whole drinking/nondrinking issue really bugs me as a Christian. Certain churches and Christians look down on people that drink because they think it’s a sin. Yet they seem to think gorging themselves silly at a church potluck is perfectly fine even though the Bible ALSO says that you shouldn’t eat in excess either.