The 7 Hotdogs of the Apocalypse

By Gerry Pugliese
Flickr: chrishusein

Global warming, swine flu, terrorism, even the Jonas Brothers, you’d figure one of these would mark the destruction of mankind, but no.

Instead, doom will come stuffed with cheese, wrapped in bacon, fried in oil, stuffed in a bun and topped with sauerkraut, mayonnaise and lard.

The streets will run pink with hotdog.

1. French Fried Dog on a Stick


2. Deep Fried in the Garden State

  • Get off the parkway in the Soprano state and head to Clifton, New Jersey for Rutt’s Hut famous, or infamous, deep fried hotdogs and salty onion rings.

3. Twisted in Bacon and Grilled


4. As American as Hotdog Pie

  • Apple pie is an American standard and no Fourth of July would be the same with out wiener, but if you combine pie and hot dogs. You get a true American psycho.

5. Snappin’ Wiener with Green Beans

  • Steve’s Snappin’ Dogs pairs up serves up dogs made with bacon, sour cream, coleslaw, mayonnaise and cheddar jack cheese, with green beans and carrots. Odd.

6. Cored and Cheese Whizzed


7. Ketchup, Mustard and Lard

  • Paula Deen may know southern cooking, but she needs her head examined. Because she’ll top your wiener with bacon, cheese sauce and scoops of lard.

Egad. The amount of saturated fat in this post meets the recommended daily allowance for 5 years. Hell hath no fury like a hotdog scorned.

I said it before, in the hamburger post, but it’s still ironic that a guy who doesn’t eat meat got to write this. I may have a secondhand heart attack.


  1. Mr Mann

    I was hungry AFTER seeing this!
    Num Yummy! Nom nom nom

  2. Hot Dog EMT

    Rutts are great dogs, and JJ’s hot dogs in NewarkNJ has a taco dog that is out of this world

  3. tabitha scott

    hay are you a vegitarion? I am not I ate 7 hotdogs today and i am starting to regret it! (IT HERTS)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!….. LOL


    those pix are gust grose!

  5. tabitha scott

    Hay I ate 7 hot dogs today but i am not fat i way 90
    pownds i am 12 years old i am in 6 grade but i dont get fat and i dont know wy but i wont to know how bad it is for you!

  6. gazebo

    My stomach hurts just looking at this! Unbelievable!

  7. julie

    There’s some carts that sell bacon-wrapped hot dogs on the main drag of the neighborhood. They smell nasty, so I’ve never tried, but I can imagine if I had a drink or two too many, I might some time. Or better yet, make it home with Niman Ranch hot dogs and bacon, less cruelty involved.

  8. Ryan

    I’m glad someone out there, besides me, is still using lard (2nd best dietary source of natural Vitamin D).

  9. Mark

    None of those almost look like food at all…more like grilled/deep-fried severed limbs out of a horror movie.

  10. Nuttyoldgal

    I love a hot dog once in awhile, but now only buy the fat free kind. These “gourmet” items, however, are about the grossest things I have seen. Especially the ones topped with lard.

  11. Spectra

    My dad had a good friend who absolutely swore by cooking in lard and eating it every day. He looked like he was about 30 when in reality he was closer to 55 or 60 years old. And his cholesterol levels were excellent, so maybe he was onto something.

    Still, I can’t stand hot dogs…mixed meats all mashed together and sqeezed into casings and cooked. Not the most appetizing thing ever.

  12. S Price

    Hey, the donut fries and that turkish kebab pizza looked pretty good. 🙂

  13. S Price

    I LOVE a good hot dog, especially the Hebrew National kind. And the corn dogs from “Hot Dog on a Stick” are fantastic! Mmmm… (Sorry, pregnancy craving. lol).

    But these–they look plain awful! Ugh. I hope these places have cardiologists on staff.

  14. susan

    I eat a hot dog occasionally (though usually Smart Dogs or Applewood Farms only) but ewwwwwww. None of these look the slightest bit appealing!

  15. Fattus

    I’m looking forward to eating lots of hot dogs this summer, and I hope to enter into many of the various eating contests. And the Nathan’s contest on the 4th of July? Can’t get any better. Long live the weiner.

  16. jj

    this is making me sick while looking at it…i dont even want to drink my protein shake anymore…

  17. Jody - Fit at 51

    I think I am going to puke!!!!!!!!1 To me, those are some of the grossest things I have seen! I just had my first meal of the day. I hope it does not come up!

  18. John Sifferman - Real World Strength Training

    I was hungry before seeing this.

  19. Mike

    What I find interesting about the deep fried food in South Korea is those people live longer than Americans. I also find it interesting that some countries with higher smoking rates have a higher life expectancy than Americans. Like the French Paradox – there are alot of wierd things that fly in the face of what the experts keep telling us.

  20. Lala

    I’d never touch an ordinary hot dog, and I’d definitely be miles away from these very fattening hot dogs!! Easy for me since I live in Singapore, but there are lots of donut and fried snacks shops here and they sell really nasty fried, and sugary things. :/

    I don’t understand why anyone would want to eat any of these…they certainly don’t do any good to our bodies at all.