30 Day Pizza Diet

By Ted

Pizza, often believed to be a dieter’s worst nightmare is now getting some credence thanks to pizza shop owner, Matt McClellan, who invented the Pizza Diet.

He was tired of getting hassled at his gym for giving out pizza coupons so he decided to prove that pizza could be a healthy way to lose weight and improve overall health.

He consulted a nutritionist at the beginning of his 30-day pizza diet and visited his doctor throughout the diet to document his progress.

In just thirty days here were Matt’s results;

  • Weight– 203 pounds to 179 pounds
  • Blood Pressure– 140/90 to 118/80
  • Cholesterol– 243 to 157
  • Biceps– 15 inches to 14 inches
  • Chest– 42 inches to 43 inches
  • Waist– 38 inches to 33 1/2 inches
  • Hips– 42 inches to 39 inches
  • Body Fat -19 percent to 9 percent
  • BMI– 26.9 percent to 23.6 percent

Pizza Diet Essentials

Matt ate nothing but pizza for 30 days which consisted of 8 slices consumed over a 12 hour period. His first slice was at 9 am and his last slice was at 9 pm for a total of 2500 Calories from the pizza.

The pizza that he ate was made with skim milk cheese and included healthy toppings such as chicken, broccoli, avocado, pineapple, onions, peppers, and mushrooms. Sorry, meat lovers pizza wasn’t on the menu.

Matt also increased his exercise level to 60 minutes a day alternating between cardio and weight training. Also, Matt didn’t change his habit of having some soda, energy drinks, or alcohol each day because he wanted to prove that pizza alone could be the healthy factor not cutting out unhealthy beverages.

matt's pizza dietMatt then rode his bike from Florida to New York to show that pizza can even fuel athletes. He stopped at many pizza places along the way to promote his message.

He also started a website called pizzaindustryspokesman.com, where he continues to share his mission of changing people’s perception of pizza being unhealthy junk food.

Was Pizza the Magic Bullet?

With the pizza diet, Matt proved that pizza can be part of a healthy diet if moderation and wise topping choices are selected. He believes that the key to any diet is portion control and that’s basically what his pizza diet is, a way to enjoy a great food, but not eat the whole pie in one go.

I suspect even greater health benefits could be achieved by cutting out the soda or energy drinks and making the pizza with whole wheat crust.

This is pretty similar to Flexible Dieting which is becoming hugely popular because it says that dieters can eat anything as long as it fits their prescribed set of macros and total daily energy expenditure. People have been very successful with this method too and is even used by many elite athletes.

Find out how many calories from pizza you could eat a day and still lose weight here. 

Do you think pizza is a healthy way to lose weight?


  1. Gail94

    I think if you really like pizza, you could do this for 30 days with great results. I could make myself a nice personal pan pizza for ONE meal, or have what I call “Pizza Toast” for ONE meal but to consume eight slices of pizza spread over three meals does NOT appeal to me. Also, I’m not sure if I could do 60 minutes of cardio or weight training. I tend to get bored after about 30 minutes, which is why I like to divide my workouts into one to two 30-45 minute sessions, usually early in the morning and again late afternoon, early evening. I do wish those who are thinking “She doesn’t know WTF she’s talking about!” well with your endeavours and hope you experience great results!

  2. Dr English

    10% body fat drop in just 30 days?!?! Come guys keep it believable.

  3. Annallysia

    Excuse the grammatical errors. I didn’t proof read. *after i left i was 130 lbs

  4. Annallysia

    I was a manager at domino’s. I love pizza. I ate pizza with a bunch of pepperoni and sausage, sometimes chicken. I ate pizza for breakfast lunch and dinner and lost soo much weight. I was 165 when i started working there. After i keft i was 13. In 7 Months. No exercise. Just work, making pizzas. I believe in this.

  5. Michelle

    I believe that if you train as hard as Matt does, then you will have the muscle and therefore the increased metabolism to burn off any food you eat, even if it’s a fast food item like pizza. Once you build the muscle, you will burn more calories around the clock, at that’s even while at rest. The best way to lose weight is to get yourself fit while eating smaller portions, which are crazy and out-of-control in modern American society. You can lose weight without exercise, but it could be muscle loss and water loss, not fat loss.

    It’s difficult to be on a diet that makes you feel like you have to cut out certain foods. I don’t believe in that. I cannot sustain a diet in which I feel deprived or starved. So I allow myself to eat whatever foods I want, but within reason. I eat everything in moderation, and I do a minumum of 30 minutes of cardio everyday plus weight training 3 times a week, no less. I have lost 12 pounds in the last month by doing so.

  6. David Maynard


    I am 28 years old… Pizza is my absolute favorite food in the world. I can guarantee this diet technique is for real. I have been eating pizza almost every day since I was 14 years old. I am 5′ 8” and 142 pounds. I normally only eat cheese pizza or with a light amount of pepperoni (I suck up the grease in a paper towel on all of my pizzas before consuming). I have never topped 145 pounds, look like I am in phenomenal shape, and my blood pressure and cholesterol are top-notch. I have been telling people about the pizza diet for over 10 years ever since people noticed that I eat so much of it without gaining weight.

    This diet is for real, and anyone who is crying false should give it a try.

  7. Ashley

    Lose weight or not… Matt makes a great pizza. The options are healthier and it tastes amazing. We discovered his shop one afternoon and just fell in love … olive oil basted crust with very little if any sauce and lite cheese.. mmmm if you get a chance try the PEARscuitto It is wonderful

    • ted

      I like lots of sauce and the sauce is one of the healthiest parts of the pizza because it’s rich in Lycopene.

  8. joejoe

    maybe its all lies about this diet , you should atleast put a vid up , its kinda hard to believe cuz that guy on the mcdonalds diet gained over 40 POUNDS , its hard to believe he lost weight , its fastfood , u obviously have to gain weight ,

    • Danny

      If you are talking about “Super Size Me”, the filmmaker gained about 25 lbs. He ate an avg. of 5,000 calories a day, and 30 lbs of sugar over the 30 day period, and the only exercise was walking 5,000 steps (Source: Wikipedia).

      In the pizza diet here, only 2,500 calories are consumed, while exercising 60 minutes a day. Since his body needed more than that many calories, he is going to lose weight no matter what he eats, fastfood or not. Being calorie deficient the body will burn stored fat – it doesn’t care if you deficiency was due to eating 100% pizza or 100% french fries.

      Cholesterol would be affected, but his diet still had an overall great positive effect because of the exercise and weight loss. He might have had better results (cholesterol and/or Blood Pressure) with a diet that did not have so much cheese, but remember, the pizza did not have meat on it.

      The bottom line is what was “proven” was if you eat ANY food with less calories than your body needs, you are going to lose weight. Period. If you add exercise, your caloric deficiency will increase by the amount of calories burned plus the effect of increased metabolism. This will cause your B.P. and cholesterol level to improve.

    • Gail94

      Key words: SUPER SIZE. No duhhhh he gained weight. He deliberately went for unhealthy options. A BLT on a multi-grain bagel, hash brown, small orange juice for breakfast, Meal sized salad with grilled chicken, bottled water or a quarter pounder meal with side salad, 3 vinegar and one pepper packet if Garden, low-cal dressing if Cesar and a bottle water, dinner a meal sized salad with grilled chicken and a bottled water is WAY better than what that jerk in Super Size Me did. Also, do you obsess about calories, trans-fat, sodium and environmental impact at a nice sit down restaurant or just vilify fast food restaurants?

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  10. Dr. Christopher Jackson

    Hi Jody,

    I am the doctor who worked with Matt to develop the pizza diet and I noted your comment about calories. Here’s the thing: it is not about calories. The concept I conveyed to Matt is that proper choice of food componenets on each slice helps to meter insulin production (as well as glucagon) to provide a consistent stream of energy and a release of stored fat simultaneously, without spiking insulin. Spikes in insulin creste damaging effects to the body and storage of residual sugars converted to fat. This is the problem with diabetics who just eat whatever they want and shoot up more insulin. It is a rapidly aging cycle.

    Hope that makes sense.


    Dr. Christopher Jackson, PhD, DOM

    • Danny

      I disagree. Calorie deficiency is the #1 component of his weight loss. If you want to prove your theory, where is the control for the experiment?

      • Dr English

        Well said!

  11. fatima


  12. REALLY

    Do you believe this? This guy Matt trained with a 16 yr old Nationally rank triathlete for 1.5 hrs a day, then went to another trainer after that for another 1.5 hrs the same day for 30 days. You can eat anything if you train that hard. His blood work was also LOADED with sodium “OFF THE CHARTS” Everything in moderation. This guy Matt is just wanting his piece of the “PIE”by trying to convince people to eat pizza and be healthy.

  13. lauren

    I think this is a great way to show that no foods should ever be avoided or feared. This is just proving that pizza and other foods deemed “unhealthy” can be incorporated into a healthy diet when enjoyed in moderation. This experiment shows that moderation is key; not deprivation. I applaud Matt for stepping out of the box and standing behind his beliefs. And anyway, who DOESN’T love a good slice of pizza once in a while? 😉

    • Karry

      I dont. Ever!

  14. joh

    Met Matt and his buddies in front of Border’s in DC, while he was on his bike trip from Florida to NY City. He said he was promoting pizza as a “healthy” food and trying to change its poor image. He seemed like a nice guy,(even if Bill did all of the talking!)and he looked great!

  15. dorothy

    your a phd, not a medical doctor, correct?

  16. Air force one

    How wonderful it seems! It is valuable for us to read.

  17. Jen

    People, he’s a businessman. Think Subway…

  18. michael burdick

    i think your pizza looks great, what is the name of your business and where is it?

  19. same guy as before

    I mean 1 piece every 3 hours with in that 12 hour time period which would be 4 slices a day. I just wanted to clear my error.

  20. John R.S. Mcharrison

    I believe this works I wouldn’t see why not? The only problem is that as soon as he goes off this “pizza diet” he might gain the weight back but I see his point though. I wouldn’t recommend this diet but I think eating a healthier pizza would be good for a balanced diet, not eating four pieces every three hours.

  21. graham

    and also, why not 1 slice every 3 hours for 24 hours, instead of 12 hours?

  22. graham

    Large or medium size pizza?

  23. Dr. Christopher Jackson, Ph.D., D.O.M. (FL)

    Hello, everyone. I have been reading the comments and I would like to backup what Matt has stated. As his physician, I have discussed with Matt the concept of metering the level of insulin being produced by using portion control and balancing the food groups of protein, fat and carbs. This is a fundamental part of the pizza diet we developed and I am quite sure that this has contributed significantly to its success. His progress physically was tracked using bloodwork testing which I ordered for him at the very beginning of the diet and at the end of the 30 days. Testing was also done intermittently during the 30 days. The testing verified his health improvements and helped me keep him on the right track to ensure that we did not have anything near the horrendous results seen by Morgan Spurlock with McDonalds. This said, we did not anticipate such a result because pizza is a healthier food without the trans-fats and MSG found in fast food. As Matt stated, this was one of the main points we were making with the diet. I am open to any questions or constructive discussion.


  24. T. Kallmyer

    Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment and addressing some of the negativity. I think it’s great that you were able to prove that eating pizza can be a healthy way to lose weight. Besides pizza is one of the greatest foods ever invented!

  25. helpful

    I agree that pizza is a lot healthier for you than most other fast food. I could eat it for most meals, although probably the worst part of the pizza is the crust (yes, I have been known to make (and eat) only the pie filling and not the crust).

    If you swapped out the crust with a portobello mushroom, or use one of the high fiber breads (for a quick toaster pizza if the bread taste is what you like), it would be even healthier, and faster to make, since you don’t have to wait for dough to rise.

  26. Mat McClellan

    WOW…So negative….Why can’t people understand that this was not a publicity stunt? It was simple nutrition: 1 slice every three hours, each slice had different nutritional value, and I execised 1 hour 5 days a week. The whole concept was to prove that pizza is healthier than all the other “Fast Food”. We are trained to eat pizza wrong….consume a whole pizza with a 2 liter of soda or 6 pack of beer and fall asleep watching tv.(you wouldn’t do the same with a salad even though some salads are more than 2500 calories) I had professionals monitoring me and eye witnesses at every turn so if you have any doubt or questions please respond…I have nothing to hide.

    JC…9% is real brother…the key was 1 slice every 3 hours so my insulin did not spike then crash. Kept burning fat all day

    Thanks for your time,

    • David Vander Boomen

      I must agree w Matt that this works if u do it right. I was laid off and on a budget so i at a large Lil Ceasars pizza for 28 days and lost body fat gained mass and lots of muscle. Being a soccer player, cage fighter, construction worker and hyper-glycemic this diet kept kept me full of energy and always ready to go. What people dont understand is u can have the best diet in the world but you have to get off yur ass and raise yur heart rate to loose weight. Also one thing dieters never take into consideration is genetics. Genetics plays a huge part on yur body and the way it reacts to foods. Just for the record im a 30 yr old male.

  27. JC

    Does anyone else not think it’s ridiculous that he supposedly dropped from 19% to 9% body fat in 30 days? heh

  28. John W. Zimmer

    I think pizza, hamburgers or whatever can be part of a healthy diet from a total calorie standpoint. Not sure why some foods are deemed unhealthy unless it is overeaten.

  29. Project Mama

    I read an article that said having the freedom to eat what you want – but controlling the calories was and is the most successful way that people lose weight.

  30. Idiot Proof Diet

    I think that’s a great test even though you didn’t eat a meat lover pizza. But that’s OK with me because there are many different styles of pizza. I always thought that if you top a pizza is a healthy way it really couldn’t be that bad.

    I like to put chicken, sliced tomatoes, broccoli,onions,zucchini, with 2% mozzarella and that’s yummy.

  31. Jody - Fit at 52

    I did not say that. I am not a low low fat person.. I eat about 30% but not everyone wants to eat 40%+++ of their calories from fat & for some, that leads to obesity & illness. Everyone is different & you ought to understand that. It is not your way or the highway. We all have the right to follow a plan that is best for us & that we like & we can live with long term & still feel good.

  32. Jody - Fit at 52

    I am with you FJ!

  33. Jody - Fit at 52

    I am not even sure if you are responding to me BUT I was talking about the pizza hut type pizzas that most people buy here in the US…. they are loaded with plenty of calories. He was not eating what a typical person here in the US would buy for pizza. He also did not hold everything else constant.

  34. Spectra

    Meh, it’s the same principle as the guy that lost weight eating nothing but McDonald’s for 30 days. You can lose weight eating anything you want…SlimFast shakes, pizza, burgers, Subway sandwiches, bacon, whatever. As long as you’re burning more calories than you’re taking in, you’ll lose weight.

  35. Lala

    It’s only gonna work for him for as long as he can maintain that all-pizza diet. God knows I’d get sick of it in 3 days. I’d rather go all-protein than to go on a pure pizza diet.. eww.

    Why can’t people just accept that the only reasonable way to maintain a healthy weight is to exercise and move more and eat a proper amount of calories for an individual activity level?? It’s so stupid that people would buy these lame books to lose weight…

  36. FitJerk - Flawless Fitness Blog

    Ohh big whoop… his total daily caloric expenditure was greater than his intake and he managed to drop weight. ALL HAIL THE PIZZA DIET! YES!

    This is so lame.

  37. Jessica

    I never agree with fast food like pizza and burgers. Whatever the new technique they bring to attain the interest of common people that much harm it does to common people. They might use alternatives for particular product but it appears to be a nightmare.

  38. Barry

    What’s wrong with eating fat?

  39. eateroffat

    Traditional? First pizza dough is usually made with olive oil and even the greatest of fat fear-mongers acknowledge that, Second the most traditional pizza is cheese from grass fed cows in Italy, TOMATO sauces and olive oil dough/crust. Third, there have been many types of toppings over the years, not just a meat lovers type of pizza. You have dropped weight, and found a way to keep it off but in the process have closed your mind off completely. I’m so sick of the “higher fat” or high fat nonsense my head is going to explode. FAT ISN’T bad, even saturated fat. Transfats are bad..why bother? This is site is the lowfat gateway! I commend your consistency.

  40. Jody - Fit at 52

    Well, he was NOT eating a traditional pizza with higher fat ingredients & it sounded like he changed his workout program in terms of exercise so… he actually went on a sort of diet since he did not keep all the factors the same when he did this PLUS he choose a lower fat version of pizza. I also wonder if he cut calories since we do not know what his calorie count was before he started this. His good results may be just that he cut calories, exercised more & changed things up.