The Body Fat Solution: Rules for Fat Loss

By Jim F


Tom Venuto is arguably the most popular fat loss guru to be found on-line. His downloadable guide Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle (BFFM) has been the biggest selling health eBook for many many years.

For many, BFFM became inspirational rulebook for eating right and getting in shape. Venuto has finally produced a book in print. The Body Fat Solution is not shipping until Jan 8 2009 – but has already shot to around the #100 in Amazon’s bestseller list (out of all books).

Why all the buzz?The best way to answer this is to quote from author Venuto himself – responding to a series of questions (paraphrased):

“The new hardcover book, The Body Fat Solution, was written for anyone who is overweight, or who was formerly overweight and who wants to maintain their ideal weight without struggle”.

  • It is NOT for athletes, bodybuilders or people who need to get “ripped” or reach extremes of low body fat.
  • It is especially written for people who struggle with inconsistent motivation, emotional eating, binge eating and other forms of self sabotage.
  • It gives help for people struggling with everyday challenges – like frequent travel, restaurant temptations, busy schedules, high stress and social pressure – things that can can get in the way of the best nutrition or training strategy.
  • One concise chapter on nutrition is included along with chapters on cardio training and a time-efficient weight training program for the busy person, which makes The Body fat Solution a complete lifestyle program.

However, the major message is that “What nutrition or training program should you follow?” is not the most important question you should ask. The real critical question is…

What makes you follow your program?

And, conversely, “What makes you fall off your program so easily?”

This, indeed, is the 64 million dollar question. Look for The Body Fat Solution to become the bestseller of the new year.

Comments from our reviewer:
“Tom Venuto has appeared to have found a rare balance of sorts. The book is;

  • Easy to follow and yet not oversimplified.
  • Steeped in very good science and yet not clinical-sounding.
  • Comprehensive and thorough and yet compelling to read.
  • Motivating but not fluffy.
  • Promotes personal responsibility without casting blame or inducing feelings of shame. Cutting edge but not spurious.”


  1. Charles

    I am a personal trainer and I subsrcibe to Tom Venuto’s ezine.

    I could be a jealous hater, but I have to say that I believe Tom knows his stuff and I really like his approach.

    We both love Brian Tracy and I love the fact that Tom spends so much time talking about philosophy, motivation, and goal setting.

    I will be looking for his book in the New Year.

  2. Brian

    Tom really knows his stuff. I’ve managed to burn 115 lbs of fat and gain 3 lbs of muscle using the principles in his “Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle” ebook.

    I am really looking forward to his new book “The Body Fat Solution” for the mental and emotional strategies for keeping that weight off for a lifetime.

  3. Kristen E Boyden

    Hey, John, are ya’ll going to sell it as a Kindle book?

  4. susan

    Eating disorders don’t arise from bad habits!

  5. Vicki

    I’m glad he has a new book coming out! I loved BFFM, and I’ll surely pick this one up.

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  7. Spectra

    Since I’m an athlete, I suppose I’d be one of the people that this book ISN’T for…probably because I don’t have too many problems with motivation/staying on my program. But I can see it being extremely helpful for people out there that are like my mom…they start an eating program/exercise routine and they stick with it for a little while, then they start to “trick” the program and cheat a little bit. Little by little, the weight creeps back on and they lose the motivation and then figure “what the hell, I may as well finish off all the fat free ice cream in the freezer and chase it down with half a chocolate cake”. Sounds like it’d be a really good book. I may check it out, even if I don’t necessarily need the advice.

  8. Liz

    Although I’ve definitely heard some buzz surrounding Tom, I’m not too familiar with what he actually espouses. Based on what I’m reading in this post, I’m a bit intrigued because I can’t remember ever reading a book that dealt with *both* emotional eating and muscle building. It’s always been one or the other. Like one is a “woman” thing and one is a “guy” thing. At any rate, I’m interested in taking a look at this book when it comes out.

  9. Susanna

    Can’t wait to read it!

  10. Barry

    Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle worked great for me. I went from 190 lbs to 163 lbs.

  11. Cari

    Well who hasn’t heard (and appreciated) Tom’s line of thinking! Glad to know about his new book – so that I can put it up on my amazon bookstore.

  12. melissa

    Thank you John 🙂 I appreciate the advice. I think I will pick up a copy of the book!

  13. Mike H.

    Tom’s stuff is fantastic! He is definitely an upstreamer and a very smart and insightful dude. I really enjoy his blog.

  14. John Sifferman - Burn The Fat, Feed the Muscle

    Hi Melissa,

    If someone has struggled with “inconsistent motivation, emotional eating, binge eating and other forms of self sabotage” along with social pressure, high stress (etc.), I’m sure Tom’s book will be most helpful.

    While Tom won’t diagnose or offer medical treatment options for eating disorders, he will teach you how to avoid the downward path that eventually progresses to an eating disorder. Eating disorders almost always spring out of bad habits that have been practiced regularly. Poor habits always start so small, but progress into something that sometimes feel so huge and daunting to overcome.

    Tom’s method teaches us to nip the problem in the bud by changing our habits, so that our lifestyle is enhanced and forever changed. He uses a similar system in his diet and nutrition program, Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle which was mentioned above.

    To your health and success,

    John Sifferman NSCA-CPT
    website manager
    Burn The Fat Dot Com

  15. John Sifferman - Burn The Fat, Feed the Muscle

    Getting those two questions answered is sage advice. Tom’s new book is going to be fantastic!

    We here at the Burn the Fat HQ are having trouble NOT keeping an eye on the Amazon Sales Rank daily.

    Seriously, if you’ve ever sabotaged yourself in the past, especially in regards to your health and/or weight, you need to read this book. Pre-order your copy before before the first editions sell out.

    To your health and success,

    John Sifferman NSCA-CPT
    website manager
    Burn The Fat Dot Com

  16. melissa

    Is it written for those of us with severe eating disorders 🙁 . .. . . .. .?