The 5 Bite Diet

By Jim F

3054-five-bite-diet.jpgNot four and not six.

Apparently five is the perfect number of bites to take at your next meal.

Dr Alwin Lewis’s book Why Weight Around recommends the five bite approach to weight loss.

He says that it’s more about how you are eating than what you are eating.
Dr Lewis says that after three days on this diet you will no longer be hungry: “that then resets what you body sees as full”.

Once you have reached your weight you can go back to “eating normally” (and therefore gain all the weight back and then some).

5 Rules to the 5 Bite Diet

  • Drink as much of anything as you want as long as it doesn’t contain calories.
  • Take 5 bites of any food at lunch.
  • Take 5 bites of anything at dinner.
  • Take one multi-vitamin every day.
  • Get a bit of protein a day “on average”.

Will this Approach Really Work?

The truly sad thing is (in this ad/news bite) that Mr Lewis appears to be serious. Do not be fooled. This is not a good way to manage weight and get healthy.

I have no doubt whatsoever that anyone would lose substantial amounts of weight eating just five bites at a meal (Lewis sets an expectation of 13 pounds per week in his book).

How about we check back a year or 5 later before calling it successful?

The site for the diet has the audacity to say “no more fad diets” and lists so many clichΓ©s that maybe this is satire after all and I have been fooled.

I thought we were over these weird gimmicks?

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  1. Marieke

    Good luck, diet74 and quitecheeky!

    I am loving this diet! Even when I eat 3×5 bites a day and have a piece of chocolat in the evening (cheating, I know) I’m still loosing 2 lbs a day! Woohoo!

    My goal for December 31st is 175 lbs. Right now I weigh 182. My ultimate goal would be 165. Maybe a little lower even.

    We can do this together!

  2. quitecheeky

    Im new here, going to start this diet tomorrow at 151 lbs and 5’4.
    My first goal is 140 lbs, wish me luck.

  3. Diet74

    10th december
    I’m back I’m back!!!!
    So nice to read you guys doing well with the 5 bite diet!
    Congratulations Alisa! So cool!

    I am stuck trying to lose my last 8 pounds…..Seems like nothing, but it is driving me mental.
    The temptations with the holidays around are very challenging!
    Also, I find that I lose the weight so slowly….so I gave up for a while.
    But I know Christmas will be tough, so I am planning on losing at least 5 pounds by then.
    That way I might feel better by then.

    Good luck everyone!

  4. Marieke

    Our blog is back up! Hooray!

    Alisa, I’m sorry to hear about the cat. I have two 5 month old kittens and can’t imagine what it would be like to loose one of them!

    I’ve been doing pretty good on the 5BD the last few days. Only today I had to do 3×5 instead of 2, because I was very hungry. Shouldn’t make that much of a difference, it was only 130 cals.

    Good luck!

  5. Glodine

    Hallo everyone. Alisa I understand completly, I am a big animal lover and that can be very stresfull. I also tend to eat to much when I stress like that.

    Tomorrow I will be one week on this diet and it works! I have almost lost 2kg now, I don’t know how many lbs that is. I’m form SA and we work in kg’s. I found I don’t get that hungry between meals if I eat ‘n little protein with every meal. For everyone that fell of the wagon, don’t give up!! Just get up and start again.

    Have a nice day.

    Ps. O yes I just have to add, I had about 3 whiskey’s over the weekend. πŸ™‚

  6. alisa

    Thanks, Marieke.
    Well, today I went up to 26 bites. I did this because we had to put a cat that was very dear to my brother to sleep. It was a very stressful situation and I ate…:(
    But I did this same thing a few weeks ago and I did not gain any weight back. I just simply did not lose.
    I get hungry sometimes…but it’s not too bad.
    I usually feel pretty good on the diet. I was on Atkins before this, but I like the Five Bites much better.

  7. Marieke

    Well done, Alisa! Thanks for coming back here! It helps me a lot to hear about the progress other people have made.
    Is it hard for you to stay on the diet? Do you still get hungry? And how are you feeling? Thanks for answering!

  8. alisa

    I’M BAAAACK! I’ve been good all week and … I’m at 139 lbs! Only 9 more pounds to go. Woo!

  9. Marieke

    Hi Lisa! Sounds like you’re a busy lady! Good luck on your exam!
    I’ve also not been sticking to the diet. I did it for 6 days straight, and then messed up for 2 days.
    So I’m also ready to jump back in!
    Keep me posted!

  10. Lisa

    I’m still reading the comments, but not sticking to the diet! I’ll have a great day followed by two bad ones. For a while there I had too much going on: I was packing for a move and trying to study for a rigorous professional exam at the same time, and suddenly my car needed serious work done (mere days before the move, too)! That’s all out of the way though, car is repaired, moving is done (and most of the unpacking too at this point), and I postponed the exam until February.

    I’m ready to jump back in. I had my first five bite meal mid morning, since I’m shopping during lunch today. I can’t wait to get back into the swing of things. I only want to lose 10-15 lbs, so I know a good few weeks at this is all I need! Just need to get a good running start…

  11. Lillian

    Don’t know what happened to him or some of the other posters. It seemed like we get to know them well and then “poof” they just disappear into cyber space, leaving us wondering how they are doing. It happens all the time. Wherever they are, I wish them well. If they are still reading the posts, maybe they’ll check in.

  12. Glodine

    Lillian yes congratulations indeed. I started the diet yesterday and I must say it realy went well. And I agree with you Lillian, everyone should do what suits them best, but I’m with you on the subs. It’s so much easier for me to make me a sandwich and eat half now and half later. It’s like you said, if I try to eat small portions of what I cook for my hubby I also tend to eat more than 5 bites. Anyway, good luck for everyone trying this diet, I tink this might be the thing to help me shed those kg’s.

    What happened to Big Daddy?

  13. Marieke

    Thanks for replying, Lillian! And wow! I am very impressed with your weight loss! Congratulations on that!
    I know the first and the third day were the worst for me. Right now I don’t really get hungry anymore and today was my 6th day. I pigged out on Wednesday night, had a burger, fries and a lot of alcohol. Doesn’t seem to be influencing my hungerstat though. I eat 3×5 bites a day (can’t do without breakfast, I feel sick when I do) and don’t really get hungry!
    I’m so glad I found this diet! Thanks for you advise!

  14. Lillian

    I haven’t been watching my body fat %. Right now I just want to get the weight off as fast as I can. I do take a Jazzercise class 3 times a week, and try to walk a half hour on other days.

  15. Lillian

    Welcome Everyone. This program really works. I’ve tried them all, diets I mean. I must be the diet queen of the country. You name it, I’ve tried it. I dieted myself all the way up to 245.
    After almost 5 months on the 5BD, I still really feel motivated. On other diets by this point, I had lost interest. And when I fall off the wagon, I don’t throw in the towel, I just jump right in again which is a new concept for me. I don’t look too far in the future. I concentrate on hanging in there for one day of even one hour at a time. The one regret is that I didn’t find this program years ago.

    Don’t know where everyone is but I suspect they’re busy recovering from Thanksgiving.

    I think salads and veggies do count but they are not very filling. Before I started the 5 bite diet I ate huge amounts of salads and never lost an ounce. Now I find that sandwiches, and pasta are a lot more filling. I eat a lot of subs. Half for lunch an half for dinner. I also eat frozen entrees like Lean Cuisine and Smart Ones. It makes portion control easy. This works better for me than trying to eat small portions of what I cook for my husband. I always end up eating too much. I guess everyone has to do what’s best for themselves but this works for me. That and water-water-water.
    I started at 245 in late July. My first goal was 200 and a few days ago I hit 199. Not a real fast loss but my record hasn’t been perfect. Today I’m 198. I’m 65 and diabetic so sometimes I have to eat a little more than 5 bites, or maybe that is just an excuse. Lol. My weight loss has brought my blood pressure and sugar numbers a lot lower though.
    For all you new 5 biters, remember the first days are the worst. I you get through the first 3 days you almost feel a kind of high.

    Good Luck everyone and be sure to let us know how you are doing. Writing on this forum is kind of like keeping a journal, I think it helps a lot whether I have good or bad things to report.

  16. Sarah

    Hey everyone, I am starting today, 12-4-09, I am at 242 this morning….yikes! I would love to some day be back to 150. But to start with a smaller more realistic goal, my parents will be visiting from out of state on the 20th of December, and my goal is to have lost 1- lbs by then. I think 10 lbs in 16 days seems doable, especially in the beginning. I hope I can get some help and motivation from all you wonderful people on here. I love reading all the posts. It’s inspiring.

  17. Glodine

    Hallo Everyone. I found this 5 bite diet just today on the internet and realy want to try it. Can anyone tell me why should you only eat lunch and supper and not breakfast. And does the 5 bites include salads and vegtables? Sorry my english is not good. πŸ™‚

  18. Beckie

    Or maybe it is because the death rate (for 30 days post surgery) for the Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery, the most common bariatric surgery today, is 1 in 200, and not reversible. (Lap-band is 1-10000 and reversible, though less common) Diets are instantly reversible, and do not run the risks of anesthesia, blood clots, or infection. Unfortunately, we know that diet and exercise have a 5% success rate after five years, and bariatric surgery is seen as the only effective and long-lasting treatment for obesity.

  19. Marieke

    I’m actually a little worried, because my fat % seems to be going up while my weight is going down. So that would mean I’m loosing muscle. Any experiences or comments on that?

  20. Lillian

    Thanks everyone for the kind words. If it wouldn’t have been for all your inspiring stories I’d never have made it. Of course it’s not my ultimate goal but a huge step in the right direction. And if an old (65) yo yo dieter like me can do it, anyone can. After years of failures, this just feels right.

    The Thanksgiving Holiday went pretty well. I didn’t lose, but I didn’t gain either. Now I’m going to hit it hard before the Christmas holidays roll around. My goal is to make it to 190 by then.

    Marieke, Welcome to the forum and good luck. Sounds like you’re on the right track. Just remember the first few days are the hardest. Hang in there!
    How did everyone else do over the past few days?

  21. Marieke

    Where did everybody go? I just discovered this blog a couple of days before and read up on most of your posts.
    All the positive stories made me very excited to try this, so I’m doing it!
    I started yesterday and had a really hard time sticking to the plan. Also, I had to modify it a little, I’m doing 3×5(or 6) bites because I often go snowboarding in the morning and I don’t want to do that on an empty stomach.
    Anyway. The last time I weighed myself before going on the diet was about 3 weeks ago and then I was about 196 lbs. This afternoon I bought a scale and couldn’t resist to get on: 189.4!
    My first goal is to get to 175, I’m a tall girl: 6’1″. πŸ™‚
    Good luck to all that are still out there!

  22. alisa

    CONGRATS!!!! Wow…you must be so happy. I’m so happy for you.

  23. Diet74


    honestly, that must feel brilliant! Good luck this Thanksgiving!

  24. tmac

    Congrats!!!!! You should be so proud of yourself. You must feel like a million $.

  25. Lillian

    DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!! I finally made it below 200. This morning I weighed in at 199. Wow, after starting at 245 I thought I would never see that number. Now if I can just get through four days of holiday eating. Thanksgiving guests are coming on Thurs and leaving on Sun. I’m going to concentrate on not snacking between meals, even if I might go a little over my bites at mealtime. Will let you know on Mon how the weekend went.

  26. readyforchange

    So I haven’t posted in quite awhile, I was in the process of moving, but in that process I was eating everything in my path because I figured it would be alright. I’m getting ready to weigh in and I’m scared but today is back on the diet. Doing it before thanksgiving is a bit weird, but if I don’t start now I never will.

    Since cheating, my face has broken out and I feel less secure in my weight so all of your posts have motivated me to get back on πŸ™‚

    Post my results next week, good luck everyone!

  27. lillian

    Good Idea, hgoldens. Portion control is everything. Be sure you are drinking enough water. As I look back, the days I drink 8 or more glasses, I do the best. Hang in there, you’ll do great

  28. hgoldens

    Ok so I am not doing so well, I eat my five bites then convice myself that a couple more is ok and then I blow it. So I watched the video yesterday which I thought was helpful. I bought 2 snickers bars today and that is what I am eating. Going to see if this helps.

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