The Revival Diet

By Jim F

i-8efa2382e24eb2a568ccccae10e70c76-revival.jpgThe Revivial Slim & Beautiful Diet has hit the bookshelves. The book is written by Dr Aaron Tabor along with his mother Suzanne Tabor. The diet promises an “average weight loss of 26 to 29 pounds in just sixteen weeks” and that you will “quickly reduce gelatinous belly fat”.The book is emblazoned with much of the typical diet book hyperbole; promising sexy nails, silky hair, gorgeous looking skin.

Dr Aaron Tabor established his successful soy supplement business Physicians Pharmaceuticals in 1998. The flagship product line is called Revival Soy. The products were originally intended to help women with hormonal imbalance issues, however, as time went on, it seems that Dr Tabor sought the weight loss angle.

The company is now trying to adjust its marketing to encourage physicians and dietitians to refer Revival Soy to patients trying to lose weight or suffering hormone problems, Tabor said. He is also trying to complete medical research this year to support claims that soy-based foods can help people lose weight.(via BizJournals – May 2005)

The Revival Diet is essentially a calorie-controlled, supplement-based diet. Clinical studies are cited, but, as the disclaimer says “Individual results vary based on starting weight, physical activity, skin condition, and faithfulness to the eating, physical activity, and supplementation plan presented in the book.”

This style of diet is similar to The Perricone Weight Loss Diet – but with a leaning towards soy protein. Many diet books have cross-promotions or partnerships with supplement businesses. What’s different about this is that the supplements came first, then came the diet plan.

This diet – along with many others – can lead to weight loss if followed correctly. Reducing energy intake and getting active is the key. However the concept of “magic foods” (such as soy) that have dramatic impact on weight loss is dubious. The health claims of processed soy foods are also the subject of controversy.

An excellent weight loss plan, or a sales vehicle for soy products? You be the judge.


  1. Jenny

    Dr. Tabor has been on QVC. That’s where I initally ordered his milk based bars and shakes. His products are less $ on there. I have now ordered from his website. I’ve been using the Slim and Beautiful diet for a week now and the products are very good! I’ve lost 2 lbs. I use his milk based shakes and protein bars. They are very tasty and filling. I tried the soy bars and didn’t like them and have yet to try the soy shakes but I do have a few (I ordered the soy sampler pack). The soy crisps also are good. They satisfy my salty crunch cravings.

    The diet reminds me of slim fast but waaaay more filling. One shake for breakfast, a fruit for snack, a protein bar and fruit for lunch, a bag of soy crisps for a snack and a healthy dinner with lots of veggies. Sometimes a small salad too with dinner if I’m extra hungry. If I want a snack before bed I eat a lite n fit yogurt (80 calories). The trick is to stay around 1200 calories a day. And walk for an hour a day everyday if you can.

    His products are about 130 a month but worth it!

  2. Mitsy

    I bought the products on auto-ship for about 6 months and did lose “some” weight, but not anything like I had wanted to and I decided to cancel my next shipment and go back to a low carb diet using regular foods. I have several boxes & cartons of the shakes & bars left so will use those up and try to incorporate low carb as I’m easing out of the Revival plan. I’ll be honest in that I did not get tired of the bars or shakes as I thought they tasted good, but eating only the bar for lunch left me still hungry after I’d been on it for so long. I was actually eating more calories at lunch because the bar was not filling me up. It also has 230 calories with almost 30 grams of carb which I think is way too high. My cravings for carbs did not subside very much while on this program. I DID lose some weight, but we’re talking less than 10 pounds and over a 6 month period. I need better results and not be left hungry after eating a meal replacement bar to want to continue with the plan. And at $150 a month, I decided I could save my money and perhaps do better with a low carb diet. Revival might work for some people but I can’t sing it’s praises a lot.