List of Weight Loss Forums and Social Networks

By Jim F

3059-weight-loss-forums-social-network.jpgThere is a growing number of superb websites offering innovative ways to connect with a support network of people who are interested in fitness or weight loss.

Some of these sites have already been mentioned on – however, this list is more comprehensive and will be updated from here on. Most sites are free while others may offer a premium fee-based service.

  1. Weight Loss Wars – Allows you to compete with other members in weight loss contests and challenges similar to The Biggest Loser. Great for coworkers to do together as some fun workplace healthy interaction.
  2. Weight Loss Buddy – Devoted to matching up weight loss buddies based on a number of criteria.
  3. Fat Secret – Journaling, chatting, tips, recipes – can be centered around any diet.
  4. Extra Pounds – Blogging and Tracking.
  5. SparkPeople – Popular weight loss program with many social networking features.
  6. – Began as the “personality type diet” – but now offers a number of ways to connect with others.
  7. Diet Television – Track diet and exercise habits and link up with others.
  8. Traineo – Popular fitness site with ability to get others to motivate you.
  9. IntroPLAY – Track exercise. Compete in exercise leagues.
  10. FitLink – Fitness themed with ability to find training partners.
  11. WalkingSpree – Emphasis on walking and linking with pocket pedometer. Blogs and journals.
  12. PeerTrainer – Many social networking features. Fitness emphasis.
  13. WellSphere – Join groups centered around specific goals.
  14. Flexible Dieting Members Only Forum – Expert advice and coaching regarding how to be successful with flexible dieting and IIFYM.



  1. Sam

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  2. Kwaku

    I am a 34 year old man and I currently weigh 115kg.
    My movements are restricted due to a condition I have with my back , spinal stenosis. I am unable to do much physical activity.
    What is the most effective way to lose about 15 to 20 kg of my weight?
    I have already begun by skipping breakfast and lunch taking only supper.
    Will this help?
    I am really desperate

  3. Johnny Lance

    Just informing you on a weight loss program i joined recently thats called the three week diet. It lasts for three weeks (hence the name) and has been very beneficial to me and my health problems over the years. I am 46 now and my eating habits are a lot better than before. Check the website out for yourself. I have results of myself from before and after.

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  6. EmmaHolden

    There are many ways to lose a lot of weight fast.However,most of them will make you hungry and unsatisfied.Make you lose weight fast, without being hungry.

  7. Sara

    Hey, great list! i´ve been looking around for some Apps which could help me tracking my weight and found the perfect fit for myself! I´m still missing two app´s you should share!! The first one is Lifesum and the second one Yazio (free at: )! Definitely worth it, you should have a look. I used both of them and became a fan of Yazio. Great Design, colors and easy to handle! And the best of it, i´m losing successfully my weight 🙂 Thanks for sharing!!

  8. ppp

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  9. Dave G

    As with many things, when it comes to fitness and weightloss, we are all different, both genetically and mentally. What works for one may not work for others. This site reviews a number of best selling weight loss and fitness products

  10. Ann B

    Nice list, thanks for sharing!

  11. James

    Heres a new forum i just found its great

  12. anja

    Great list!

    I’ve been hunting around for a place that actively supports maintainers.

    So far, I guess where I’m at ( does it best, mostly because of the team leaders (individual members who aren’t part of the site management team).

    In case anyone is wondering, here’s a direct link to their maintenance team:

  13. Nyela Carwen

    Thanks for sharing this information. I recently started my own weight loss journey and I’m finding lots of inspiration online.

  14. Rhonda

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  15. Grivin

    I am glad I read this. I have lost 15Ibs but still have 25 more to go. I have been loosing every week but then this past week the scale hasn’t moved I started to get frustrated but this post and the comments have made me realize that I need to be patient.

  16. Grivin

    I am glad I read this. I have lost 15Ibs but still have 25 more to go. I have been loosing every week but then this past week the scale hasn’t moved I started to get frustrated but this post and the comments have made me realize that I need to be patient.

  17. Molly is a new fitness forum it looks like, it looks really promising. Might be good to add to your list.

  18. Mark

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  20. jaspreet

    Agreed with the others. There is great emotional cost in performing unnecessary medical tests.

  21. Robert Bodily

    Dieting is extremely difficult without support from friends and family. A new app, called You’re On!, fresh off the apple press as of yesterday, now solves this problem. It’s easy to send challenges to friends, receive challenges from family, and view the leader-board to see who has the most points. It’s motivating, inspiring, and very effective in helping people stay motivated to achieve their goals. If you’re interested or just curious, check out If you like it, use it, tell others about it, and maybe even write a review about it. If you don’t, let me know why and we’ll fix it up to your liking.

  22. Stephen in Florida

    It is crazy that most of us find ourselves doing certain habits that can have a serious effect on how are body looks. We look in the mirror and ask ourselves, “what can am I doing wrong?”. It is interesting to see what some of the latest weight loss research has been uncovering about the human body. That what seems like a simple non-harmful habit can really be so negative for our bodies, without us even knowing it.

  23. cristy

    Great!This sites would really help people achieving the weight they want.

    I also want to share this link for more tips about weight loss. Thanks!

  24. giovanni

    I suggest a site made from a friend of mine

  25. Henrietta

    I have tested a social fitness log called funbeat where i compare all my training with friends. Great motivator.

  26. Joe

    This site could be a good fit for this section also.

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  28. Kris

    Here’s a list of paleo diet forums, for those who are into such a thing:

  29. Marie22

    Thank you for the listing but I’m a bit surprised one of the best weight loss social networking site is missing:
    This site is amazing, it’s like the fat cousin of Facebook..It has the same quality and ease to use but it is exclusively about weight loss and diet plans.
    I hope you will include WeightFan in your next update.
    Thank you and have a nice day.

  30. Absolute Acai

    I used to train 1 hour daily ( mainly running and some gym work) and I couldn’t loose weight at all.. I do really need to lose weight… Help me please….

    • Krissy

      Hi i would like to share my challenge with you and how I lost 21 pounds in three months that’s with little workout.

  31. Kyle

    Another great site to meet healthy like minded people is Fitness Social Network

  32. Seth

    Another good up and coming site(at least here in So Cal) is Good spot to find personal trainers in the area and activity partners for all kinds of fitness activities. You can also start and join local fitness groups as well..

  33. john

    Hello another site that is out there for fitness and nutrition tracking as well as social networking is This site offers multiple types of users depending on how you integrate with fitness as well as a forum for questions and answswers, check it out.

  34. Definition of Fad Diet

    There is a lot of misinformation out there when it comes for nutrition and diets. A fad diet is supposed and promoted to improve health but may do nothing at all, or even have the opposite results if it is nutritionally unbalanced and unconfirmed by scientific studies. You need to be careful, because fad diets can be harmful to your health and your wallet.

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