How Much Coffee Should You Drink?

By Jim F

3048-how-coffee-should-you-drink.jpgHow much coffee is safe to drink everyday?

That is one of the great modern debates. As far as research goes, the pendulum swings every few months or so.

Many Americans get more antioxidants from drinking coffee than from any other sources in their diet.

The Caffeine Gene

However, other research points to possible heart risks. Apparently it’s a genetic thing. Some people metabolize caffeine quickly (and have a lower heart attack risk). Others have the opposite situation.

Among slow-metabolizers, those who drank two or more cups of coffee daily were at least 36 percent more likely to have a nonfatal heart attack than those who drank little or no coffee. Even higher risks were found for younger slow metabolizers — those under 50. They were up to four times more likely to have a heart attack than slow metabolizers in their age group who drank little or no coffee.

So how much should you drink? The answer is, of course, individual. the co-author of the study admits “that one size does not fit all”.

How do you find out if you are a fast or slow metabolizer?

For now, there’s no easy way to know if you’re a fast or slow caffeine metabolizer. Staying awake all night if you drink coffee in the afternoon doesn’t mean you’re a slow metabolizer, and a genetic test that could answer the question is used in research but is not commercially available

That’s charming. It’s like Russian Roulette. Drink your coffee – but you may or may not be one of those people who will end up with a heart attack.

Around Two Cups?

Moderation is the key – and so is pleasure. Most people do well with around two cups of coffee a day.

This delivers a moderate amount of caffeine, while still giving the drinker the antioxidant benefit of the coffee bean.

Note: Go to energy fiend to find out caffeine levels in coffee.

Coffee is my vice, and I will continue to slowly savor every sip of every coffee.


  1. rio

    nice i often dringking a coffe ..tanks brow

  2. Telbags

    hi all, I had the PAC issues described above and went for lots of tests that cost a fortune before my Doctor simply told me to cut caffeine out of my diet for a couple of weeks and then limit it to one cup of caffeinated coffee or tea (yes it has caffeine too) a day.

    I had a headache for 4 days and was advised this is normal for caffeine withdrawal!

    I now have 1 cup a day as a treat but make sure it is a good one.

    if you just love the taste of coffee try buying decaf beans and grind them at home. Taste is great but no palpitations or caffeine rush. I also have mine with no fat milk, and after a week or two you just get used to it

  3. Dr.AftabArif

    hey there hpefullosere!
    The problem ur having occurs to me often
    It is something known as atrial premature contraction in which ur heart beats ahead of its normal beating time!!
    To check it u have a pulse deficit test feel ur heart beats and ur wrist pulse it will be that sometime ull not feel a pulse although ur heart has beaten!
    Theres nothing serioisly to worry about but yeah u beed to cut down ur coffee not suddenly but slowly!
    This occurs even to athletes !! So nothing to worry about 🙂 hope u find it useful

  4. jim

    I think I must be immune tocaffiene I can drink it right before I go tobedand sleep likea log all night . It has no effect on my heartbeat or blood pressure, I havea Bp monitor and have taken readings both before and after coffee there was no change. Caffiene hasdiffernt effectson each person so no one blanket statement applies to everyone. The benifits of coffee have been demonstrated but if you area person that has adverse reactions to caffiene stay off the stright stuff.

    • Luke

      You must also be immune to the space bar…