The 3 Hour Diet

By Jim F

i-61b36fc43cba2a3981d0701dd96f3333-3hourdiet.gifJorge Cruise has just published the . Mr Cruise is well-known for his series “8 minutes in the morning”. His new diet book has jumped to #10 in the Amazon bestseller lists.Amazon provide a video clip in which Jorge talks about his 3 Hour Diet. It left me shaking my head in astonishment. It’s all there: “eat the foods you love (including McDonalds, Pasta, Pizza, etc)”, “easy”, “belly fat will come off first”. He made it sound so simple that I was bewildered. Okay so the basic concepts of weight loss are simple – but the outworking is not so easy.

According to the publishers blurb:

So get ready to lose two pounds every week using The 3-Hour Diet — with no carb counting, no calorie counting, no starvation, no deprivation, and no exercising.

According to one of the reviewers the recommendation for anyone under 200 pounds is 1450 calories. This could be considered quite low for some – and it is essential that resistance training is included in order to maintain muscle mass.

Have a look at the book and make your own decision.

Meal Delivery
The 3 Hour Diet no longer offers home-delivered meals. Please check out our massive list of diet delivery services.


  1. Snigger

    Veganism is a life style that will almost guarantee weight loss.

  2. Gennie

    I have a hard time tracking my 3 hours. To keep up I wear a stop watch (discreetly tucked away under my clothes) When I am hungry or thinking about eating I just look at it and tell myself that I can’t eat till it gets to 3 hours. As soon as the 3 hours is up I clear it and start the counter again then I eat. Dont wait until after you eat to do it. That keeps me on track. It is working for me. I just eat approx 250 calories every 3 hours all day. I try to make it something nutritious every 3 but if I have a craving I just eat 250 calories of the thing that I was craving and stop there. When I get up in the morning and sit down for my first meal I start the timer for the day and so on. I have willpower problems but it is helping me to wear the timer. Also I weigh myself every morning on a digital scale that tracks my weight loss (Walmart). I am the kind that when I cheat I start avoiding the scale (especially if I only weigh once a week) and before I know it I have gained weight. This daily accounting also helps keep me focused. Thanks!