LA Weight Loss Exposed

By Jim F

la weight lossLA Weight Loss was a center-based weight loss program.

The potential client came in for a free assessment, got weighed, and had a program provided for them.

However, now with only a few centers left, the LA Weight Loss program has become a web-based solution.

LA Weight Loss Clinics

Even though LA Weight Loss Centers had been helping people lose weight (using a combination of meal plans, food supplements, weigh-ins, and counselor support), things have changed.

The LA Weight Loss franchise company closed down in Jan 2010, and their are just a few centers in North and South Dakota, Iowa, and Canada.

Many people lost large amounts of money because of these closures and their anger and frustration can be seen in the comments below.

Despite all this LA Weight Loss isn’t dead, but back under a new strategy.

LA Weight Loss Online

LA Weightloss is now promoting their online program and services called the Rapid Results System.

The diet plan is customized to include appropriate portions of Proteins, Vegetables, Fruits, Starches, Fats, Dairy and LA Lites.

LA Lites are soy-protein bars – which form a central part of the program. When purchased in bulk the cost of the bars is not insignificant.

Rapid Results Program

2939-la-weight-loss-rapid-results.jpgBasically LA Weight loss’s new plan consists of five parts.

  1. KickStart
  2. Rapid Resultst
  3. LA MyWay maintenance diet
  4. LA Lites
  5. LA SmartTrim Nutritionals supplements

When purchasing on-line, users receive the KickStart Plan, Rapid Results Plan, and once maintenance weight has been reached (or the client has lost 20 pounds) the LA MyWay maintenance plan.

The KickStart plan requires detoxing using their special juice, while the Rapid Results consists of eating 4 structured meals per day + 2 LA Lites Bars. The menu plans come with the program and are made up of normal grocery foods (although the use of their supplements is recommended).

Bottom Line?

Although the online version of LA Weightloss is probably a tad cheaper than the exorbitant price once charged at the centers, it will still run $289.99 a month for the complete system including online counseling if a customer signs up for automatic rebilling.

However, if a customer only wants to pay for one month they charge 419.99!

There certainly are cheaper, yet just as effective programs out there like Nutrisystem or Diet to Go, where all your meals are provided.

After all, can we really trust LA Weight loss ever again?


  1. Rita

    I would love more info on la weight loss. Please contact me

  2. Peter

    Hi….This is so inspiring!

  3. Dominick

    Does anyone have the old 3 day jet start plan / grocery list??

    • Nikki

      I have the list. On one page it has the “Take Off Phase” & on the other side the Shopping List. I can email it to you.

      • Maureen Trojahn

        Can you send it to me too. Thanks.

  4. Linda

    Just buy the LA Weight Loss CD on ebay or Amazon and save thousands. The LA Weight Loss (do-it-yourself) CD has all of the color plans, secrets, guides, diary pages, food charts, recipes and a lot more. Everything the center offers except the counselor for under $20. It worked for me, I just lost 43 lbs…. and still haven’t hit a plateau!

    • Amanda

      I lost 46 lbs doing the la weight loss program. Its been yeas and i still use the program. I lost my gold plan pamphlet and the book that tells me what proteins are and how much. Any ideas on where i can get a new one without paying a lot of money?

      • Darlene

        There’s a sample plan on 3 fat chicks website.

  5. Darlene Waldron

    Due to a past experience with LA Weightloss I would not recommend them.

  6. Debbie

    I was on the LA Weightloss program for 9 months and lost 119 lbs. At that time they offered me a job. I took it hoping to be a role model to others that may be struggling with their weight. and it was not too long after that they went out of business. I am trying to find LA material to once again lose all 119 that I have gained back. I am so disheartened by how the company did so many people and the fact that I am right where I started. I have the will power just need the guidelines to follow. Any suggestions? I wish you all the best if luck! Thanks!

    • Heather Danton

      You should really try the Genetix Program. No I do NOT work for them, but i’ve lost 89 lbs in 5 months. It is completely natural and they give you so much support. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND it!

    • Faye

      You can get the entire program on Amazon for $20…All the information is there for you! I have it. I lost 80 lbs with this program!

      • Leesa Fleener

        Can you tell us how to find in on there?

  7. Karen Riddle

    I was using la weight loss program, and I would love to find the books again. It does work. I managed to lose 60 lbs but managed to gain it back ans then some. If anyone can help me out with this I would appreciate it. I no longer have the books, but would like to try using this to lose weight again.

  8. Gayle

    Hi everyone and anyone who can help. La weightloss was the only diet that helped me and I can’t find any willpower now. Any advice? I can find my books. My big weakness is dessert. Help please!!!

    • FeFe

      Hey Gayle You no what i had the same problem with eating sweets you have to change your mind set and say to yourself do i want to keep eating this poison start back on the la and stay focus i started Jan 19 2013 I went from a 14 to a 9 and can fit a 7/8 skirt but the shirt is a little tight and i also work out at home ,walk,and play tennis you can do it i believe in you so get started
      and dont look back

    • Brenda

      Hi Gayle. I lost 23 lbs and kept it off for almost 2 years and recently put back on 4 lbs! So, I am re-starting, and helping my husband as well! I would love to help you…email me.

  9. Taz Jadavji

    Hi Megan, Linda, Kendra and other s on this website.
    Sounds like the LA diet is a good diet to follow, withouth the bars. I would appreciate any help anyone has to start.
    5ft 7 inches 176 lbs would like to lose 28 ibs as soon a spossible.
    Many thanks. Taz

  10. Celeste

    I lost weigt on LAWL back in 2005 – like 38 pounds in 5 months – I actually focused on the carb craver selections for whenever I felt like I needed something more. Eventually I developed a schedule and I actually ate 5 pancakes every night except for Fridays because every Friday nights was Pizza night…lol. I know it sounds crazy but everytime I went to weigh in – my numbers were decreasing. I didnt use any bars or buy any of their products. I always knew that anyone could loose weight from even the simplest natural forms of effort – such as eating right, portion control and daily activity – so I always felt like – why would I need them to make products for me to loose weight. So for me – I joined for the information and the counseling. It was a big motivator for me. One time there was a contest to see who could actually loose weight over the Thanksgiving holiday. I weighed in on that Wednesday and I returned that Friday and I lost a woping 4 pounds!!!! Way more than they even expected. But all that to say – those of you who have been wronged by LAWL always remember that they can never take away the knowledge that you have been provided – and thats an extremely powerful tool. You have been empowered and you can share the information with your family and friends and enrich their lives as well. I have been doing the diet on my own since last year and I have good results…
    However, I never went into the maintenance or the stabilization plans – so if anyone could provide any information in regards to how those plans work, it would be greatly appreciated & Good Luck to everyone on your weightloss goals!

  11. Nancy

    Hi poletti… name is Nancy & I lost 80 lbs with LA…I still have the purple & gold programs….I’m up again & having a really hard time getting back to the groove of things since hubby got injured in Afghanistan… I’m 5’1″ & 215 lbs….I know the colored program had weight ranges for each color…what’s the range for purple/gold ??? Help!!! I need motivation….thank you soooooo much

    • Carmela M

      Plan Three
      5’0 = 174-223
      5’1 = 176-225
      5’2 = 179-228
      5’3 = 182-231
      5’4 = 185-234
      5’5= 188-237
      5’6= 191-240
      5’7= 194-223
      5’8= 197-246
      5’9= 200-249

      Plan three
      3 proteins
      4 veggies
      3 fruits
      4 starches
      2 dairy
      2 fat
      2 la lites

      Plan Four
      *if you are at a weight higher than the menu three guidelines then your menu will consist of:

      3.5 proteins
      5 veggies
      4 fruit
      5 starches
      3 dairy
      2 fat
      2 la lites

      You can drop to the next menu preferably within 5 lbs. To break a plateau you can do what is known as “take off 2.” You follow it for two consecuitve days and for the entire two days you will ONLY eat unlimited green (cooked or raw) vegetables, 6 oz. of cooked protein and 2 la lite bars. If you have take off juice you will use 4 oz. of to juice with 4 oz. of water 4 times each day for two days. If you do not have the juice you may use 1/4 of a cantaloupe or 1/2 of an orange or grapefruit for each serving of juice. Stick to the condiments out lined in your FTL menu kit but really up your water intake. Coming off take off limit high sodium foods and red meat for the first three days. I’ve found that Take off 1 (just the juice, mean and green veggies works best if you have fallen off the wagon however)

      Some suitable replacements are SBD high protein cereal bars, luna bars and the smaller detour low sugar bars, snicker maraton bars (ones containing 160 cals). As for your slim down shakes look for protein shakes that contain at least 20 grams of protein and less than 250 calories. A suitable replacement for Jet Starts are Monster LoBall coffee flavored energy drinks, most convenient stores carry them.

    • Cheryl got me on track recently. FREE and no special foods to eat. Just real food that you fix. You set your goal. Best diet yet. I did LAWL 12 years ago and lost 20 lbs in one year but hated having to buy their food, their pills, getting snapped at for not loosing more in a weeks time and the cost not to mention having to visit 3 times a week for weigh ins.

  12. jill

    I did LAWL progam years ago and lost over 50lbs. I originally started on the purple plan but a few months in they switched me to the yellow plan. I unfortunately gained the weight back plus some. I was thinking of doing it again because I have the books and stuff. I know the Hollywood Diet drink is very similiar to the Take off Juice so I will use that. But I am wondering if anyone knows what program to use??? How do you know who should use the purple verses the gold??? I don’t remember why they even switched me. Any thoughts???? Please help!

    • aissa

      lucky that you kept your guide. I lost the Rapid results guide. I tried ordering but they only ship to the states. =( I remember some of the portions but have no idea what the others are.
      Good luck!

  13. ladeedi

    i too went to the center and lost 40 lbs in 3 months.however i did feel pressured into buying the bars and other products.after reading the comment i think i will find my book and try it again without the juice or the bars i was on the purple plan

  14. jezell

    I was laid off and tired of being treated poorly because of my weight. I asked my husband to help me and he let me join the LAWL program on credit. I GOT HALFWAY THROUGH IT AND LOST 50 LBS. and they closed down. It was so unfair and I was very hurt that no-one would help me get my money back that I am still paying on.

  15. Robern

    I also did the LAWL back in 2002, I did work GREAT for me, I have been up and down with my weight for the last couple years. I am realy trying to loose some weight. I found the comments above are very helpful. I am not sure if the books are update at all. I think the book I have goes back about 2yrs

  16. cheryl

    I too lost money when they skipped out. Lately I have been getting post cards to rejoin. I wont make that mistake. They still owe me bars!

    • Wanda

      They said we could get our money back by calling an 800 number…. But that number was always busy….. No one from the online program “knows anything about it” so they took off with our money

      • Jane

        I had paid with my credit card when I joined LAWL before they went out of business. I called my cc and filed a complaint, that they went out of business and was able to get all my money back.

        • kim

          How did you do that I to lost a whole lot of money

    • Kelly

      Me too!

  17. swwent

    Remember, regardless of what diet program your interested in, it is always important that you consult with your doctor as well as others who would have been on the program before beginning a new diet program. because anything can go wrong.
    Regardless of what diet program you’re interested in, it is generally recommended that you lose weight gradually to ensure long term results

  18. Poletti

    I worked for LAWL for 10 yrs- and was a client. I lost 100 pounds half way doing the program because initially it was all about the client and the weightloss- eventually it became about selling the products and getting their money. My clients loved me (still do because I still work with them) because I was real, honest, realistic, and only offered them what they needed whether it be a product, support, advice, or a shoulder to cry on. This company is still owned by the same – they found another loophole to jump through. Many people do not know this but the financial backer to LAWL is the same guy who had Nutrisystem so many years ago and did the exact same thing- took the money and ran! Why do you think they are always able to open in PA first?!
    you dont need the products to lose weight- when i left them, i continued to lose weight, I was once 263, got to 150, had another baby gained 75 pounds after on Yaz, took me 3 years but I am now 106 pounds! I used the knowledge I learned from the beginning before all the quick fix products, the support of the people around me, many my former clients, I have tons of clients now who pay me to design menus, help them shop, support them through lifes ups and downs that can make it so easy to lose our way. the best thing this company did for me was allow me to do my job and help my clients achieve their weightloss goals and keep it off without LAWL!
    you can always email me – I believe everyone can succeed without having to spend their life earnings – and to this day I believe my clients success is my success so I want everyone to be successful!

    • Maria

      I lost 100 pounds on their program but they closed down when I was ready to stabilize so I never learned the stabilization part of the program. I put the weight back on slowly at first but then my daughter passed away & I was depressed & I gained the weight back. I want to lose the weight but not pay the thousands of dollars I did before all over again. I feel cheated after spending all that money!

    • Carol

      I had lost about 35 lbs when they went out of business. I went to the one in Tempe Arizona.

      My worst problem is stress eating. I know the portions I need, the balance of fruit, veggies, protein and low carbs I should eat throughout the day. I have always eaten small portions, but more frequently anyway.

      i don’t get as much exercise as I should.

      What is your suggestion for stressers??

      This is the second program that closed down about the time I was ready for maintenance. NOT GOOD, First one was Well for Life.

      Thanks for your time.

    • Monique

      Hi Polleti

      What are the chances of getting copies of the menu plan kits and such. I lost mine and would like to replace them without paying for them again. I would like an e-version if possible.

    • Joy

      o would like to try it if you can help me. i know a lady who is going there now she has lost guite a bit of weight she looks great. will you tell me what to do please thank you

    • LAA

      I also have done LA Weight Loss and I lost 185lbs on it and have kept
      it off til the past 6 years. And yes, I myself lost alot of money when the center in my area closed. But a few months I have put back on 30lbs and I am deteremined to take off 20lbs. I do not need to be as thin as I was 6 years ago, but I do need to lose 20 of it though and I was wondering Poletti if you have any newer menu planners and/or what the changes on the Gold plan is. I do have my book still back from 2006 that i pulled out. Any new or additional information you can give to me and even some encouragement as its a very stressful time right now, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you,

      • ptemples

        I have a question..I was on LAWL about 6 years ago..lost 56 pounds then the center closed…I’ve put some weight back on and I’m wanting to do the program at home on my own with what I learned; I stillhave my old books but I can’t remember what we were supposed to eat those first 3 days before we actually start the program..can you help me? It wasn’t the take off juice; it was something like eating all the lean protein meat and 3 oranges a day or something like that.. thanks 🙂

        • Jim

          Hi. We are beginning a new weight control plan that is quite unique. I would be interested in knowing more about your success, and perhaps integrate it into what we will be doing.
          If you are willing to share some information, we will work out some way to make it worth your while.

    • Teri

      what is your email address to inquire further? Thanks! Teri

    • rhonda

      Anyone interested in forming an online group of active lawl users doing it themselves? I could use the support!

      • Julie

        I am interested in joining the group. I have questions to ask but I never get answers. Thanks

      • Sharon Sanchez

        I love this post, I worked as a counselor and then center manager for LA Weight loss for about 5 yrs. I could be interested in this position. I have lots of knowledge and passion for weight loss.

    • Shay

      Hi Poletti,

      How can I get in touch with you regarding becoming a client?

    • Susan

      I would love you to help me! sue42970 at yahoo. I lost 60 pounds with LAWL 8 years ago buy have gained all back, plus 10 more! Can you please help me get back on track maybe?

    • Tanya

      Hi Poletti,
      I did LAWL several years ago and did very well on it. I quit going during stabilization because I was yelled at and ridiculed by the manager if I gained a couple of pounds instead of helping me through it. I eventually gained all of my weight back because I was unsure of what I was doing at that point. I am now 5’6″ and weigh 210 pounds and would like to start the program again. I want to start next week and would like it if someone like you or anyone else that knows the program for that matter could help me figure out what I need to do. I have purple, yellow, and red books.

    • Desiree Martinez

      I also forgot to mention that I’m breastfeeding.

    • Desiree Martinez

      Hello Poletti,

      I dealt with LA Weight Loss several years ago. I do not remember what plan i was on or how the determined the one I needed to use. I am approximately 245lb. When was following the diet I did have success so I would like to start again but with out the outrageous expenses. I am also breastfeeding.

      Thanks, Desiree

    • Kanika

      Hi, I’m interested in learning more about your designing weight loss plans. Can u please email me with more information.

    • Sonia Ruiz

      Do you have the instructions for the detox. I bought the juice but need the instructions. You can send them to my email


    • Julie

      Please help me out, I was a member in Beverly, MA when they closed their doors. I lost my bar supply too. Now I am 54 years old at five feet one inch and very heavy and going through the change! I do not know what plan I would be on now. I would never sign up again so they would do it again. Is there a net work out there to talk about the diet? Thank You, Julie

    • Dee Presley

      Hi. My name is Dee Presley and I had great success with Lawley yrs. ago. I again am in need of losing 10 lbs. and was so excited to find u on this site. I don’t have any of my books and was wondering if their is any way u could help me replace them. This was the only program that worked for me and I know I could do it again with my books. Thank you for any help or info u can provide.

  19. Leona

    10 heard ago I was a client at la weight in Louisiana I Lost 25 lbs was very pleased with the center and the staff working there they were helpfully and you got that personal contact I was upset when they closed I did have some idea they were leaving they did take my name and address and sent me my remaining bars I had paid for I am struggleing and I don’t feel that sense of support at weight watchers I will admit I think the key is being ready and focused I was thinking about trying la again but may I need to do some more work on my focus I think I’m going to keep trying though thanks for the soap box outlet

  20. Leona

    I live in Louisiana in 2002 I was an LA weight loss client I lost about 25 lbs I was very pleased with my progress and I was given my %refund after I maintained my weight. However I was very disappointed when they closed I was mailed my remaining bars I kept hoping they’d reopen. That was 10yrs. Ago I’m older and struggleing and I just can’t seem to stick to Plan so I thought I’d look them up on web, I do think my biggest problem is I just can’t get focused I found lA center to be more concerned and personal than weigh watchers i need to keep trying well thanks maybe hearing myself talk will motivate me

  21. CatD

    I lost 120lbs on LA Weightloss and when I really needed the help with maintenance and that last little bit of weight the centers started closing…it was extremely disappointed. I know you don’t need the bars, but they really did help when you had a craving and a lot of the times they gave you that little bit. It’s such a shame it’s gone and then the cost. Sad to say I gained a lot back but my husband and I are going to attempt to do it together with my books! Good luck to anybody else trying.

  22. Inesita

    Losing weight is up to you. However you don’t have to give your money away. They are some good programs easy on your pocket and easy to follow. And I agree keeping healthy is more important than giving up.

  23. Larry

    I was thinking of getting about LA weight loss diet now I’m skeptical.
    Losing weight to fast is not good for any one.

  24. firefly

    I used to work there back in ’06 and while I loved helping clients with moral support the pressure to sell was very high. So high that I quit after just 6 months. Anyway, a company that would leave in the middle of the night and abandon people in every stage of their weight loss journey/struggle/success with no recourse for getting their money back or even a “we are SO sorry we’re going out of business” letter – that is NOT a company I would ever do business with again. New owner or not, the name LA Weight Loss is a tarnished one.

  25. kibbs

    One of the biggest challenges facing people trying to lose weight isn’t the losing weight aspect: it’s keeping the weight down permanently. For most people, following the rigid diet regiments gets to be very hard after a while. It’s like changing your very lifestyle and having to adhere to a whole new life.
    Based on my personal experience, what works for one doesn’t necessarily work for another. Our eating habits pretty much determine the outcome results of our weight loss plans. It’s not so much how much food we consume daily, but how we do it.
    Our daily activity plays a significant role. People that are physically active in their everyday life, tend to use most of the energy produced within the body. And you don’t have to be an athlete either. Any simple physical activity will do just fine(..think cardio)
    That’s where the exercise comes in. Increasing ones metabolism by keeping your body active is most effective. The sugars stored in our bodies if not used, will end up in our fat tissues regardless of what we eat. Use it up or store it in the form of fat.
    In other words, a protein diet or weight loss shakes will have less positive effect if all we do is eat and not get involved in any physical activity. Any activity that increases your cardiovascular activity is good to any one. An every other day simple walk can do wonders.
    Adjusting our lifestyle to accommodate this change is our best friend. Eating the same amount of food spread out many times a day(think portioning), has worked for me and many people that got involved in the process.
    Remember to keep track of your progress so you know what’s working for you(and to reward your success every now and again). And don’t be too hard on yourself because like everything else we do in life; it takes time and good planning to be successful. Stay focused on the end results and be true to yourself(sorry, no cheating.. lol)
    If losing weight is that important to you, and you’re determined to win the battle, you can do it. Having the right mindset is always the start.

  26. Claudia

    Great idea. Reducing weight might be very a challenging things to do but we can’t deny the fact that sometimes we need to reduce our unwanted weight in order for us to be healthy. i have a question. what kinds of fruits is really best for losing weight?

  27. Omni

    I did LA weight loss and loss 22 pounds. It works, but it is indeed expensive… @ Wendy, I think the fruit you would use for the detox is 3 oranges or grapefruit. My friend tried it and it worked for her.

    • Nancy

      My husband and I are back on the program and doing it ourselves. We had lost so much on the program and then they left us and didn’t even give back our money. I ordered 2 bottles of Hollywood 48 hour diet drink from Amazon for 19.19 and it arrived in 2 days. My husband and I just used it like the Take off drink and we both lost 5 pounds in the two days. Then we copied a blank page we had left form one of our books and then we had places to write down what we are eating. We use Luna bars for the LA Lites, same thing only much cheaper. We do real well with this and we do it whenever we gain a little weight. WHO NEEDS YOU LA WEIGHT LOSS. You abandoned us, but you taught us the right way to lose weight and we have taken it from there.

      • Lisa

        I also did LA before and lost a ton of weight I need to do it all over again. I was looking for bars to substitute Thank you I will try luna and the hollywood for take off.
        Any one else remember any good tips. I have all my books still.

        • cheryl

          I found Atkins bars also worked

      • Wanda

        Nancy I agree with you…. They did teach us the right way… But they also took off with our money that was owed to us… If they didnt take off with our money I wouldnt give it a second thought about joining the online program because the program really worked.. But who is to say this wont happen again thru the online program….

      • Pearly

        Thanks Nancy. I was looking for a way to start over. I was 265 when I began with LA Weight loss and went down to 174 in a short period of time. I never reached maintenance and stabilization and gained some of the weigh back. I am determined to use this method without having to purchase the system again. This information was enlightening. I will try the Hollywood 48 and the Luna bars and get a regular notebook to journal the foods I have eaten. LA weight loss did abandon us and its just sad how much was lost and how many people were left stranded on the road to maintain actual weight loss. I do thank them for the knowledge to do it on our own.

  28. Samuel

    Be careful of some products around becasue a lot of trans fats and other ingredients can be found in many diets and do not improve weight loss, Eating smaller meals throughout the day (up to 4-5 meals)
    can be more beneficial for fat loss.

    • yan

      Losing weight can be a challenge, especially if you have many pounds to shed. It can be difficult to sift through all the fad diets, and downright dangerous supplements and pills on the market today. How do you know what works and what doesn’t? Whom should you believe

  29. Wendy

    Since you were an employee at the LAWL center. Do you remember how to do the two day detox with out the juice? I join in 2001 and we did not have the juice then. I only remember unlimited meat and green vegies, but don’t remember what type of fruit and how many times a day.

    • Rachael

      I remember the 3 day Jump Start minus Juice!
      And I lost 50 lbs on LA weight loss back at that time.
      Here it is:
      Mandatory: 2 eggs and 2 oranges every day.
      Unlimited lean meat, even sirloin cooked in butter and olive oil
      Unlimited raw green veggies. If you eat a salad, no dressing.
      No dariy, no carbs (bread, grains or starch vegetables)
      No sweetners in your coffee. None in your tea.
      Its not hard at all to do.

      Sort of a 3 day Paleo diet. 😉

    • Cheryl

      I know it was Oranges. I thought it was twice a day. I also remember that u could eat as much red meat and raw green veggies as u wanted for the 1st 3 days. U could use 3 pks of artificial sugar and drink 1 cup of coffee, 1 cup of tea and all the hot lemon water u wanted.

    • JeanneZ

      Whereni went in Canada, I couldn’t use the take off juice because of a medical issue, so they had me replace it with canteloupe plus 3 oz lean protein like chicken or turkey and all the green vegis I wanted for 48 hours plus tons of water.

  30. debbie

    I must agree with you~ I lost 100lbs. Went back to them after a rotten divorce and bought bars in bulk because they were so good……then lost the large sum of money when they closed their doors without any notice!

  31. LindaS

    The diet works. You don’t need the bars or the juice. Just follow the diet plan on your own. I did the Gold Plan and lost 39 lbs in 3 months. It works if you are motivated and eat less and move more

  32. Megan

    I used to work for L. A. Weight Loss. I tarted out as a counsler then I became an Assitant Manager. I wanted to work there because I knew what it was like to be overweight and feel miserable with yourself. I still miss that job to this day. It was very rewarding seeing people feel better about themselves. 🙂 At our center we never bullied people into buying our program. We gave you your options and what chose was your decision. I hate to see the program going down the drain all because of bad customer service. Our center closed down and before it did corporate came and took over. They lied to all of us and wanted us to call old clients and tell them they could get free weeks if they just come in. What they didn’t want us to tell you over the phone is that they were free only if you bought the L.A. lites. Me and my manager decided to quit when corporate took over. I am not about to lie to somebody for a buck. I am sorry to my clients that lost alot of money because they did not recieve their bars or weeks that they paid for. Corporate keeps telling the clients they have to get their money back from the franchise owner but the franchise owner sold his rights and everything to corporate. So, where is the client left…robbed. I wish the best to all those wanting to lose weight. Just remember we all have bad weeks, don’t give up, and regardless you are beautiful.

    • Taz Jadavji

      Hi Megan,
      I would really like to understand and follow the LA diet without the bars.
      Is it possible to please send me some information. I am struggling to lose 28 lbs. I am 5ft 7 inches, weigh 176 lbs and do not know what program, color etc to use and what menu plan to follow.

      Much appreciate any assistance you and anyone else can give.

      • Brenda

        Email me and I will help you out!

  33. KC

    I was a client at LA weight loss and had a great experience. Not only did I lose 10lbs more than my goal weight, but they basically paid me for my weight loss. My results were so awesome that a lot of people joined after seeing my results. I received $50 for each person who joined and said they joined because of me. I was never asked, nor did I recruit anyone. My weight loss spoke for itsel, and I only told people who asked about how I was loosing weight. Although I was offered supplements on a weekly basis, I never felt pressured. I also let everyone who wanted to join that I lost weight without the supplements. I loved the bars and felt I got to eat dessert twice a day.

  34. Tyra

    Annie are you on facebook? I too was losing weight but they skipped town on me!

  35. lisi

    Hi all,
    just left one of the la weight loss centers in Philadelphia. Yes i am a returning member and had done well previously on the diet. I was so disappointed and turned off by their hard sell. They started off with the plan costing 798 dollars and i kept saying no. His last offer was 325 dollars plus 149 dollars for bars and such. I was so turned off that I politely got up and told them I had to leave and that I felt like I was buying a car. The manager stated he was sorry I felt this way but I have to tell you it helped me make up my mind. I will be joining weight watchers. At least there they dont brow beat you and for the most part they seem genuine about weight loss. Sorry LA WEight loss but u suck!!!!!!!

  36. nursekh

    Here’s some info for you. I bought into the plan, my husband followed my diet. We used the take-off juice(worked wonderfully) We NEVER once used a bar, or any other product sold by them, as they were not safe to have in the house, as our child has multiple food allergies, one being nuts. We both lost weight at a fierce rate, by just following the diet….there bars that they make you invest in, do not make any difference!
    Try it, u don’t need the bars!!!!!!!
    28 lbs lost in 5 weeks (starting at 200)

    • Debi

      Wow … That’s great news!!! I just started the LAWL diet and am so looking forward to loosing 25 lbs. I have the bars but its nice to know you don’t NEED them to loos weight. Looking for a blog for support and recipes. Is this that blog? Or is ther a different one out there? Thanks, Debi

      • Patti Harp

        Hi I just retuned to LA weight loss and ‘I’m doing well, however I fell addicted to LA bars and I feel hungry when I don’t eat them. I want to get off the bars. Please tell me what to do to be product free. Thanks Patti

    • Patti Harp

      Hi My name is patti

      • Ada

        I live in TN, happened to be unlucky to have one of their old telephone numbers, I have received about a hundred calls from people trying to find anyone with the company. After doing a little checking, my answer to them, sorry you lost your money. Just be glad you didn’t lose more.