stomach pain associated with diverticulitis

Diverticulitis: Diet, Symptoms, Treatment, Foods to Avoid

Diverticulitis and diverticulosis are two separate conditions. Here are symptoms and causes as well as the diet to follow including the foods to avoid.
HMR Diet Program at Home

HMR Diet at Home

The HMR Diet is a 30+ year-old weight management program with proven results. Here's how the at home program works, including a meal plan and sample foods.
fad diets

Fad Diets: Which to Avoid and How to Spot One

Fad diets are popular for weight loss but can be dangerous. We tell you which ones to avoid and why before you waste your time and money.
popular foods for a detox diet

Detox Diet: Methods, Pros, Cons, and Safety

A detox diet seeks to cleanse the body from toxins, restore energy, and promote weight loss. How it works, which to avoid, and strategies to consider.
diet for blood type

Blood Type Diet Explained and Simplified

The Blood Type Diet is based on how your blood type affects digestion and metabolism. Sample meal plans and foods to eat and avoid for each type.
oatmeal diet

Oatmeal Diet Basics with 6 Day Meal Plan

The oatmeal diet has been promoted as a way to lose weight and reduce cholesterol. A 6-day meal plan included as well as the steps to success.
cabbage soup recipe

Cabbage Soup Diet: Recipe and 7 Day Meal Plan

Cabbage Soup Diet meal plan and soup recipe. Does this diet really produce weight loss results? We evaluate this diet and its risks.
sacred heart diet

Sacred Heart Diet: Soup Based 7 Day Meal Plan

Sacred Heart Diet is a 7-day soup based fad for rapid weight loss. Also called the Sacred Heart Memorial Hospital diet. Recipes and meal plans included.