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The Apple Cider Vinegar Diet

The apple cider vinegar diet is an ancient weight loss remedy and also used to treat other ailments. The evidence that it works and precautions to take.

Green Coffee: The Truth About Weight Loss Claims

When Dr. Oz starts talking about the benefits of green coffee it goes viral for weight loss. What’s the whole truth regarding this supplement and should you be taking it?

Raspberry Ketone Diet: Miracle or Hype?

Raspberry Ketones are showing up in many weight loss supplements. Do they really work? Dr. Oz thinks so, but find out what our dietician thinks.

Amino Acid Supplementation for Weight Loss?

Glutamine, carnitine, tryptophan, phenylalanine all sound like scientific and potent chemicals.

Lola: The Weight Loss Chocolate

Weight loss chocolate Lola was unveiled at a European chocolate show (wish I’d had an invite to that).

Acomplia: Miracle Diet Pill?

Despite Acomplia’s promising results during trials, don’t look for the weight loss pill on shelves any time soon. Find out why the drug was shelved.