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Sweatz Fat Burning Vests: Burn Fat Twice as Fast?

Wrapping yourself up in a plastic bag while you workout definitely will make you sweat, but will that sweating result in getting rid of bums, thighs, upper arms, and tums?

1925 Diet Advice

Absurd Diet Advice From the Year 1925 and 2013

Two shocking diet tips, one from 1925 and the other from 2013. Have we learned nothing?

Raspberry Ketone Diet: Miracle or Hype?

Raspberry Ketones are showing up in many weight loss supplements. Do they really work? Dr. Oz thinks so, but find out what our dietician thinks.

Quick Trim: Popular Diet Supplement Review

Quick Trim has become internationally popular in the last year thanks to the popular celebrity endorsement of the Kardashian sisters.

3 Goofy Fitness Gadgets Every Woman Needs?

I admire entrepreneurs, yet at the same time I grimace at some of the intriguing products that come to market.

Weight Loss Bracelet: Would You Use One?

The latest in low tech weight loss gadgetry is the “A-Wrist-A-Trac”, a set of color-coded, beaded bracelets that represents food groups.

Pilates No Good For Weight Loss

Pilates is often marketed as a weight loss exercise but research would state otherwise. What does the research say and what are Pilates good for?