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10 Delicious Desserts for 160 Calories or Less

Desserts can be the downfall of many who are trying to eat healthy, cut calories, and lose weight. Here are 10 lower calorie versions of the originals we crave.

brunch ideas

10 Decadent Brunch Ideas Under 400 Calories

Here are 10 decadent brunch ideas designed to be healthier and less fattening than the originals. Pictures and a sample recipe are included.

The 7 Hotdogs of the Apocalypse

These 7 hot dog creations will clog your arteries just by looking at them. Reader beware!

The 5 Most Disgusting Foods. Ever.

5 videos showing the most disgusting food ever. Based on smell, appearance, and even texture.

How Much Food is 100 Calories?

What does 100 calories look like? Here are some pictures of common foods divided into one hundred calorie portions.

10 Breakfast Ideas (With Photos)

Home cooked breakfast ideas compared with fast food options. See visually how they compare based on calories and portion size.

The 7 Hamburgers of the Apocalypse

These 7 hamburgers are crazy. Full of calories, fat, and sodium. Would you risk death by eating any of them?

Core Training: A User’s Guide

The term “core” is an oft-used, yet commonly misunderstood catchphrase that has been bandied about in fitness and rehab circles over the past 10-15 years.

Training your Weak Links: Lower Body

We now turn our attention to our lower halves.

Training Your Weak Links: Upper Body

When it comes to weight training, we tend to focus on what we and others can see; Biceps, Pecs (guys), triceps (gals) abs, etc…

The 10 Most Caffeinated Diet Drinks

Most diet drinks have more caffeine than non-diet drinks. Find out which are the worst culprits.

The Most Sugar Filled Drinks

Some of the most sugar filled drinks may surprise you. It’s not just soft drinks that top the list!