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Fructose Is Making You Fat

The more we eat fructose based foods, the more likely we are to consume more calories. They say the fructose foods are not giving us the feeling of fullness.

Monk Fruit: Do We Need Another New Sweetener?

Monk fruit, also known as lo han guo or Buddha fruit, is the new natural sweetener to hit the market. There has to be some catch to this no calorie sweetener, right?


Nectresse: A Natural Sweetener From Splenda

Nectresse is an all natural zero calorie sweetener made from monk fruit. What else is in it, is it healthy, and how does it taste?

MiO: The New, Healthier Crystal Light?

An honest look at MiO Liquid Water Enhancer. What’s in it and is it good for your body as a way to reduce calories from beverages?

How Do Stevia Sweeteners Compare?

Over the last 5 years stevia has been gaining a lot of steam in the sugar alternative market.

Fructose: Evil or Misunderstood?

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Fructose, particularly in the form of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), has been labelled the devil of all food creations.

Can Splenda Help Weight Loss?

More and more evidence is emerging that using artificial sweeteners may be something of a false economy.

Old Ads: Sugar’s Got What It Takes

So says the propaganda in an old advertisement from “Sugar Information Inc”.

Is Stevia Safe?

Did you know that stevia could possibly be unsafe? The safety of stevia is discussed.

Aspartame Poisoning and Chewing Gum

The FDA still claims that there is no evidence that aspartame is harmful. This woman poisoned by chewing gum may feel differently.

The Shocking Truth About How Much Corn You Eat

When I think of corn – I think of a tasty cob – freshly picked at the height of summer.

How Safe Are Artificial Sweeteners?

An article published in the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) consumer magazine clearly advocates artificial sweeteners and lays to rest any of the negative rumors surrounding aspartame and sucralose.The article “No Calories…