3 Popular Drinks with Shocking Sugar Amounts to be Avoided at All Costs

Drinking calories is the quickest way to rack up the calories while adding very little nutrition and sense of satiety. Avoid these 3 sugar filled drinks at all costs.


Starbucks Diet: Where the Trendy Get Thin

The Starbucks Diet is based on the story of a librarian, Christina Hall, from Virginia who lost roughly 80 pounds by eating Starbuck’s food. Here is a meal plan that you can use to lose weight at Starbucks too.

Iced Coffee: More Calorific Than Your Meal?

Some iced coffee drinks have over 400 Calories. Which is the worst, and how can you get the calorie count down but still enjoy a drink?

Starbucks Coffee’s Shocking Caffeine Amounts

Starbucks coffee has caffeine amounts that are as shocking as their Calorie amounts. Find out how they do it and which drinks are dangerous.

Starbucks Latte Abuse: Enough Already

Starbucks has abused the latte’ by making it a high calorie dessert more so than a drink. Some of their latte’ calorie amounts will shock you.