Top 5 Healthiest Nut Butters in the Universe

Nut (and seed) butters are a popular “health” food right now for their healthy fats. In my opinion, here are the 5 that rank the healthiest among the nut butters.

Snacks to Stay Healthy when Flying

Airplane and airport food can be unhealthy. Here’s a top 10 list of healthy snacks to bring with you for nourishment on those long flights.

5 Tricks to Prevent Late Night Snacking

Late night snacking can derail any good diet plan. Here are 5 easy tricks that will prevent dieters from indulging in that bedtime snack.


Hummus: Not Always a Healthy Choice

Hummus is promoted as a health food, but attention to ingredient labels is vital. Find out what could be lurking in your favorite brand.

Light Laughing Cow Cheeses: Healthy or Not?

A review of Light Laughing Cow Cheese according to the ingredients it contains, it’s taste and nutritional value. Should you include Laughing Cow in your healthy diet?

The Good Bean: High Protein Chickpea Snacks

Snacking often is challenging for those trying to lose weight or eat healthier.

5 Minute Healthy Grocery Store Fix

I know, the drive-through seems the only option sometimes when the stomach is growling and you’re in a pinch for time – I’ve been there.

6 Healthy Appetizer Dips

It’s the beginning of football season here in the USA and we really like our chips and salsa as well as other dips while watching football.

Baked Classics: A Healthy Snack?

A review of Baked Classics which are marketed as a healthy chip alternative. Do they offer ingredients that really help you to snack healthier?

How to Choose the Best Snack Bar

There are hundreds of different snack bars and protein bars in the grocery store these days that it is hard to figure out which one could possibly be a healthy choice.

Seven Healthy Snack Foods

More than 72 million adults in the United States are obese; according to the U.S.

healthy snacks for kids

20 Healthy Snack Ideas For Children

20 easy yet healthy snacks for kids. Great before school, in lunch boxes, and after school.