Skipping Breakfast Could Literally Kill You

Researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health found that men who skip breakfast have a 27% greater risk of having a heart attack.


Do You Have the Obesity Gene?

British researchers discovered that people with an FTO gene variation are 70% more likely to become obese.


Does Coffee Curb Your Appetite?

New research out of Griffith University in Australia is finding that coffee is an effective appetite suppressant among their study participants.


Do You Understand the Science of Slim?

The Smarter Science of Slim is hugely in-depth encyclopedia of a how to get and stay slim based on over 10 years examining thousands of studies to deliver the truth about weight loss and nutrition.

IBS: Soluble Fiber May Be Best Treatment

Patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) should be eating a diet rich in soluble fiber, a new study suggests.

Can Smells Curb Your Appetite?

The New York Times published a piece on various scented “weight loss” or “appetite suppressant” products this week: A Slimmer You May Be a Whiff Away.

Why Do We Eat Fast Food?

Despite all we know about obesity, high fat diets, and processed foods, we are eating more fast food than ever. Who eats the most and how can we cut back?

Exercise In Middle Age To Live Longer

Researchers have found that taking up exercising during middle age (in your 50s) can prolong your life as much as quitting smoking does.

Study: It’s All About The Calories

If you’ve taken your dieting advice from pop diet book authors in recent years, you’d think that calories are not important or at least of secondary importance when it comes to battling the bulge.

Men and Women Eat Differently?

No, it’s not just your imagination: men eat more meat than women do.