fermented food

Fermented Food: It’s Good for You!

Fermented food improves digestion, strengthens your immune system, and much more. Are you eating enough?


KeVita Coconut Probiotic Drink: The New Health Drink?

KeVita is the name for a new probiotic coconut based health drink in the market. They sent me a few free drinks to try and here’s what I thought as a dietician.

Eat Bacteria for Optimal Health

Eating good bacteria (probiotics) in our diets can be a good way to increase health and wellness. What foods are best and when are supplements necessary?

Watch Out for Hidden Ingredients in Frozen Yogurt

Frozen Yogurt can be a lower calorie alternative to ice cream. However, yogurt doesn’t always mean healthy. Watch out for these hidden additives.

Kombucha Tea is Everywhere, Buyer Beware

Kombucha Tea products are turning up in stores everywhere. What are the health benefits and what should buyers beware of?

Kefir: A Secret Healing Drink

Kefir isn’t widely popular, but its health promoting and healing properties are well documented. Should you add this fermented dairy product to your healthy diet?

Dannon Activia: A Healthy Yogurt Choice?

Dannon recently rolled out both Greek and French versions of their Activia® line.

13 Natural Probiotic Food Sources

It seems there is so much emphasis on probiotics these days.