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10 Not So Helpful Healthy Diet Tips

This video is probably the direct opposite of anything we should be doing to eat healthy!

shorten life

Erase Years Off Your Life With 5 Easy Steps!

If you are guilty of any of these 5 habits then you are subtracting years off of your already short life.

The Richest Nation on Earth Fails to Make the Top 10 Healthiest!

Every year I come across a report that lists the healthiest countries. Japan and Switzerland always seem to make the top of the list. How did the USA or your country rank?

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Super Foods to Strengthen Your Immune System

Can specific foods really help improve the immune system, or prevent you from getting sick? There are a few key foods that are “super foods” for the immune system.

You May Be At Risk for Diabetes and Not Even Know It

Diabetes is still on the rise across the world. Let us take a look at the risk factors in order to make sure you are not at risk and steps to prevent the disease!


Diet Tips for Workaholics Who Don’t Have Time to Read This

The Workaholics Diet for those that are Busy, busy, busy. No time to cook at home or think about eating. And, there is no time to exercise either! Does this sound like you?

4 Simple Changes To Help Prevent Cancer

Cancer experts have found that healthier living could cut out a third of instances of the most common cancers in the developed world, and a quarter in the developing world.

Live To Be 100: 7 Ways to Lengthen Your Life

Shelbyville, Indiana native Edna Parker is now believed to be the world’s oldest person.