Healthy Eating


Death by Juicing?

It is true when people say too much of anything can kill you. Turns out even juicing can kill a person and has indeed killed at least 3 people.


Eat More Squash! Nutritious, Low Calorie, and Delicious

Squash can be a nutritious part of your healthy weight loss diet! There are multiple kinds of squash with a variety of flavors and textures to choose from.


10 Healthy Ways to Use Apples in Recipes

Apples are packed with vitamins and filling fiber, so they make a healthy and diet-friendly addition to any meal. Here are 10 ways I plan to use all of my fresh picked apples this Autumn.


Don’t Forget About These 14 Healthy Foods This Fall

We are beginning the first days of Autumn in parts of the world. Here are 14 vegetables and fruits you should be eating because Fall is when they are the freshest!

Beware of Organic Junk Food!

Organic does not always mean healthy. Here I will give you the top 10 examples of organic packaged foods that are still junk food.

Snacks to Stay Healthy when Flying

Airplane and airport food can be unhealthy. Here’s a top 10 list of healthy snacks to bring with you for nourishment on those long flights.

Shed an Extra 3000 Calories This Holiday Season

These tips will help prevent all those extra holiday calories from turning into extra pounds of fat.

Forte: Gelato with a Pinch of Healthy?

A close look at Forte which is low fat, protein fortified, and all natural gelato. Can healthy taste as good as traditional Italian gelato?

BPA Contamination: Which Foods Should You Avoid?

BPA may be out of most water bottles, but many food items still are contaminated with the chemical. Which foods contain BPA and how can you avoid them?

Prevent Cold and Flu with a Healthy Diet

Include these amazing foods and drinks as part of your healthy diet to ward off colds and the flu this winter because of their immune boosting and/or antimicrobial properties.

What are Plant Phytochemicals?

You may have read health articles discussing phytochemicals and how they are so good for you.

Ways to Include More Avocado in a Healthy Diet

Many say that avocados are perhaps the perfect fruit.