frozen meals


CedarLane: Frozen Meals for the Health Conscious?

CedarLane frozen meals are marketed as a healthy and all natural choice but how do they taste and are they really better than the other frozen food in the grocery store?


Amy’s Frozen Light and Lean Meals Dissected

Amy’s Kitchen has a good reputation for producing healthy processed foods. But, how does her Light and Lean Meals stack up?

The Healthy Frozen Burrito Eater’s Guide

Frozen Burritos can be a quick meal option but many are full of processed ingredients and high in fat. Here’s our guide to choose a healthier one at the supermarket.

Healthy Choice Top Chef: Really Top Quality?

Healthy Choice Top Chef Frozen Meals might be inspired by top chefs, but do they really out rank other frozen meals health wise?

Frozen Vegetables: the Good, the Bad, and the Unhealthy

Most think frozen vegetables are healthy, but not all are created equal. Find out how to choose the healthiest ones by knowing what to avoid and to look for.

BPA Contamination: Which Foods Should You Avoid?

BPA may be out of most water bottles, but many food items still are contaminated with the chemical. Which foods contain BPA and how can you avoid them?

Weight Watchers Smart Ones Satisfying Selections: Smart or Not?

A review of Smart One’s Satisfying Selections, which are Weight Watchers approved, frozen meals. Are they really a healthy choice as part of a reduced calorie and nutritious diet?