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Fructose Is Making You Fat

The more we eat fructose based foods, the more likely we are to consume more calories. They say the fructose foods are not giving us the feeling of fullness.

Monk Fruit: Do We Need Another New Sweetener?

Monk fruit, also known as lo han guo or Buddha fruit, is the new natural sweetener to hit the market. There has to be some catch to this no calorie sweetener, right?

Is BPA Really the Cause of Obesity?

Recent research has linked an increased BPA intake from packaged foods to higher body weight and obesity. I find it interesting since, once again, we are talking about processed and packaged foods. BPA or no BPA, we know that they contribute to the obesity problem.

Healthy Hot Dogs, Could it Be?

Hot dogs are an American icon but are very unhealthy. What are some healthier choices and brands to consider?

Healthy Choice Top Chef: Really Top Quality?

Healthy Choice Top Chef Frozen Meals might be inspired by top chefs, but do they really out rank other frozen meals health wise?

Is MSG Really That Dangerous?

MSG lurks in many processed and fast foods. Is it really something to be worried about?

Sensa Sprinkle Diet: Is Taste the Key to Weight Loss?

If healthy food tasted good, perhaps we wouldn’t be facing an obesity crisis.

Which Food Additives Are Safe, Unsafe Or Questionable

As soon as the word “additives” is used, the knee-jerk response tends to be “just avoid them…period”.

What’s Lurking in Fast Food?

Some of the bad chemicals hiding in fast food may surprise you, but then again, maybe not.

How Safe Are Artificial Sweeteners?

An article published in the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) consumer magazine clearly advocates artificial sweeteners and lays to rest any of the negative rumors surrounding aspartame and sucralose.The article “No Calories…