Prancercise Your Way to a Great Body!

Will you be joining the Prancercise fitness revolution?


Pole Dancing Fitness on Steroids!

This isn’t your mother’s pole dancing class! MALLA Hollywood Workout HIIT Program burns 490 calories in just 30 minutes using a specially designed pole.

Get in the Water to Lose Fat with Water Aerobics!

Water aerobics is a slow moving, low impact exercise which doesn’t seem ideal for weight loss. Until you try it, that is! Using water’s natural resistance, this exercise can be a powerful fat burning tool.

Think Sweating Means You’re Burning Calories? Think Again

For some, their level of sweat and soreness is an indicator of how hard they worked during exercise. The bad news is that sweating a lot does not always mean you burned more calories.

7 Rules For Hiring a Personal Trainer

A personal trainer can be a fantastic way to help guide you towards your fitness and/or weight loss goals.

Jillian Michaels Airbrushed, Really Dumb Idea

If you’re a fitness guru, you’ve got to keep a clean, healthy image – basically, you have to look good, all the time.

Do You Recognize These 10 Health Fads?

I admit it, I love top 10 lists!

Does Someone You Know Need to Be Told the Truth?

This is a continuation to last months health rant “17 Home Truths Every Health Freak Needs to Hear”.

6 Strange New Fitness Machines to Try

IHRSA (International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association) held their annual conference this month – a monster of an affair which draws the who’s who of fitness equipment manufacturers, club owners and enthusiasts in general.

Walking Off The Pounds: Did it Just Get Harder?

It’s a great way to shed weight or at least keep from gaining additional pounds–buy a pedometer and track your daily steps.

Walking for Weight Loss

Walking is the simplest most basic exercise, but it’s also effective for weight loss. We discuss the benefits and describe how walking can be made more intense.