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Burn 20% More Fat by Exercising in the Morning?

I think it doesn’t matter much when you exercise, but new research suggests 20% more fat is burned by working out in the mornings.

10 Free Workout Sites to Transform Your Body

Are you one of the many looking for a new workout plan? These 10 sites have free videos available that will help transform your body and help you reach your goals.


6 Ways to Shed Pounds this Fall and Winter Season

Many people tend to pack on the pounds during the cooler months of the year. Read on for 6 practical ways you can keep shedding the pounds this Fall and Winter.

Simple Ways Keep Fit With a Desk Job

We all know that sedentary lifestyles and desk jobs can make people fat.

39 Painful Truths About Diet That No-one Ever Told Me

Ever wish you could get the real facts about dieting and health?


How to Eat to Recover From Injury

Diet can play a huge role in how quickly you recover from fitness related injuries. Make sure your nutrition supports healing.

7 Gym Exercises You Need to Avoid

These 7 exercises can easily cause injury, so alternatives are recommended to avoid unwanted injuries and time off from your workout routine.

The Mighty Foam Roller

Foam rollers can be an effective addition to your home workout to improve mobility, relieve muscle stiffness, improve brain-muscle efficiency and improve performance.

Training your Weak Links: Lower Body

We now turn our attention to our lower halves.

Training Your Weak Links: Upper Body

When it comes to weight training, we tend to focus on what we and others can see; Biceps, Pecs (guys), triceps (gals) abs, etc…

Yes, Exercise Does Make You Hungry

Even though exercise may make you hungry, at the end of the day you will have less net calories for the day. We take a closer look and explore a study that proves it.

10 Powerful Ideas to Get You Exercising

These ideas can not only motivate you to begin exercising, stick with it as part of a healthy lifestyle.